Wade Brill: Certified Life coach, Pilates instructor, & Co-founder of Centered in the City

My NativeAdVantage: Self-Care Coach, Co-founder of Centered in the City


Wade Brill is a certified Life coach, Pilates instructor, mindfulness-based meditation practitioner and co-founder of Centered in the City. Wade survived cancer at the age of twenty-one years old and turned her life experiences into nuggets of wisdom. Life is short and that is why Wade is passionate about helping others take care of themselves from the inside out. Wade began her private coaching practice in 2013 and works mostly with Millennial women who want to make themselves a priority in their lives. She is enthusiastic about helping people wake up to think about what they feed themselves, how they treat themselves, the way they move their body and the dreams they want to create.

Wade was born and raised in Manhattan, lived and operated her own Pilates and Meditation business in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now currently resides in Seattle. Wade is a foodie at heart with a passion for fitness, adventures, traveling, and cooking. She can be spotted at local coffee shops writing up a storm, exploring grocery stores, finding the best of the best food spots, on adventures with her partner, power-walking through the city (since she can’t drive), teaching Pilates, leading workshops for Centered in the City and enjoying the little moments in life.

What do you do best?

Engage, listen, calm and plan. Ever since I was young, I have had the natural desire to engage others and learn their stories. A friend once noted, I automatically ask people: “What are your goals, dreams and aspirations?” My curiosity and desire to help others creates a calm and judgment-free environment where people feel comfortable to openly share. I was the friend, sister and daughter who supported others in times of need. My natural empathy allows people to open their soul, heighten their awareness, feel peaceful, discover clarity and take powerful purposeful action. Growing up in Manhattan, living in Buenos Aires and now settling into Seattle taught me how busy urban professionals are drawn to the pulse of the city yet also lack the support to live a truly healthy and balanced life. Teaching Pilates and mediation became a vehicle to help others feel physically strong; however, I yearned to help people feel mentally and emotional strong as well. After graduating from coaching school, I was able to combine my skills and passions to create a coaching practice doing what I love: helping people feel good from the inside out.

What makes you the best?

My past experiences. My raw life experiences have shaped how I value my mind, body and soul. Surviving cancer at the age of twenty-one years old, watching my sister beat cancer and watching my mother lose her battle with cancer shaped my perspective on how I want to live, breathe and be in the world. I realize how precious life is and the value of taking care of my mind and body. Through this tunnel of self-exploration, I have grown a set of tips and tools that I practice in order to keep me healthy, centered and mindful. I practice connecting to my values and passions on a daily basis so that I am living my authentic life. I create the balance of staying present in the moment while taking action and planning for my dreams and goals in the future. My experiences are the driving force and inspiration for why I want to support others build the skills and tools they want—so they can value their breath, body, mind and dreams. I am the best because what I have experienced and what I can share.

How will you stay the best?

By paying attention, staying open, learning and continuing to walk my talk. I will continue to deepen and grow my personal meditation practice. When I am fully present and can observe what arises in and around me, I can truly live in an awakened and authentic state. Practicing this awareness allows me to take more intentional action true to what my mind, body and soul crave. While I stay open, I get to see the signs and lessons that life teaches me every day. Learning allows me to grow and be a more educated and knowledgeable human being who can continue to support others in their own journey. I will continue to search for mentors, inspirational leaders and grow my community of like-minded people. Walking my talk keeps me in check and practicing what I preach. I am able to stay authentic and rooted in my beliefs and values and always be a person of my word, knowing that there is no such thing as perfect, just pure authenticity.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: My personal aspirations are to live a truly authentic life built on meaningful relationships, enriching experiences, lots of travel and delicious food! I soon would love to split my time living in Seattle and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Business: I see myself continuing to serve millennial women on a local and international level through my private coaching practice as well as expanding Centered in the City into other cities and corporations. I am excited to publish my first book as well as organize holistic retreats for busy professionals. All efforts are geared towards giving women the tools they crave to help them feel healthy and strong from the inside out.

What fascinates you?

People. I love people watching. No matter where or what I am doing, I love observing the human experience. I especially love experiencing cross cultural connections as people break their normal habits and thought patterns to experience and try something new.

Favorite Motto?

“Wherever you go. There you are.”

Favorite People?

My mother. A woman so wise, elegant, loving and powerful. I aspire to continue sharing her light and wisdom with the world.

Favorite Places?

Buenos Aires coffee shops, especially Maru Botana.

Favorite Products?

My journal, meditation pillow, spandex & vegetables.

Current Passions?

Spending time with loved ones, Pilates, adventures, eating delicious food & traveling.