Karen Gastiaburo: Sales Director for Town Residential, Financial District

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Sales Director for Town Residential in the Financial District: After more than three and a half decades making an indelible mark on the real estate industry, Karen Gastiaburo knows the New York City marketplace inside and out. As Sales Director of TOWN's Financial District office, Karen leverages 35 years of experience to help mentor new representatives, guide industry veterans, and collaborate closely with TOWN's rapidly growing sales team. Karen's own real estate career began while she was pursuing acting, when she quickly discovered she had a real knack for matching people and properties. Before joining TOWN, she sold properties in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and helped launch two new real estate offices in Tribeca. Drawing on the communication skills she developed as an actor, Karen is a hands-on manager who effectively helps find the best path for each representative, ensuring all of TOWN's clients receive exceptional customer service.

She is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and is known for maintaining grace under pressure as she calmly guides her team through the twists and turns of the sales process. "Having a clear mind is the key to a successful closing," she likes to say. A longtime resident of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Karen now lives in Harlem, where she is a homeowner in a neighborhood she loves for the diverse restaurants, lively jazz joints and vibrant culture. Karen is an NYRS Designee, having received the Real Estate Board of New York's premier professional residential real estate credential and is an active member of REBNY. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Downtown Committee, where she was instrumental in facilitating harmonious relations among the industry firms, and on the committee for Deal of the Year an annual REBNY Gala. A strong supporter of the arts, Karen has regularly organized art exhibits within her offices and donated 10% of sales from each exhibit to Downtown's Manhattan Youth Center.

What do you do best?

Mentorship, coaching and motivating those around me.

What makes you the best?

Experience - plus three and half decades of seeing every kind of real estate market you can possibly imagine along with my own journey of self-inquiry, it starts from within. I’m a certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and meditator and have a long standing acting background. If I am to be a good mentor and coach then I need to have clarity, it is the key to advising and making good decisions.

How will you become the best?

As a Manager I say communication, communication, communication. Along with building trust is the key to lasting relationships.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: My own journey of self-inquiry and the desire to be present.

Business: To inspire my agents to be the best that they can be and to provide them with the tools for success.

What fascinates you?

This city with its diversity and many different cultures.

Favorite Motto?

Quote: “The law of Karma states unequivocally that though we cannot see the connections, we can be sure that everything that happens to us, good and bad, originated once in something we did or thought. We ourselves are responsible for what happens to us, whether or not we can understand how. It follows that we can change what happens to us by changing ourselves; we can take our destiny into our own hands.” ~ The Bhagavad Gita ~

Favorite People?

I’m a people person and love and am intrigued by the many personalities in this world let alone this town. That probably stems from my acting background. We are a fascinating species.

Favorite Places?

From my home in Harlem to where I work in the Financial District and everything in between. There’s no place like NYC!

Favorite Products?

I continue to be fascinated with technology, from Iphones to Iphoto. I started in this business when there were no computers. I was the gal that used to type up the listings on index cards with a typewriter – remember those?

Current Passions?

The Arts, theatre, galleries and yoga/meditation - this city is filled with so much to do!