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Keith Kochner, known by many as “The Mentor,” is an international keynote speaker, trainer, author, and founder of and Kochner is considered a leading authority in professional development and leadership training. Kochner’s ability to communicate and connect with audiences has made him one of the most effective catalysts of change for those looking to live their GREATEST life! Kochner has a proven track record of consistently helping businesses and individuals accelerate their success, exponentially! This ability has granted him unique access to mentor thousands from all walks of life. Kochner is one of today’s most “in demand” speakers, sharing his unique process for success all around the world. After helping thousands around the world become more successful Kochner realized what good is it to be successful if you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle to ensure longevity and maximum happiness? Quickly discovering a niche in the health industry and using his self-developed cause focused business model he has already proven successful he launched LSF is on the fast track to quickly becoming a leading resource for at home based fitness, nutrition, and cooking resources for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. For information on Keith Kochner or his companies visit:,, and

What do you do best?

As you become more and more successful, more and more people watch you and tell you what they think you should do and how to do it. I have had people tell me what they think I should do differently, that I should be more concerned with what my competitors are doing, and that I should be more in-tune to what the industry trends are, etc. I think one of the things I do best is staying focused on the end users’ needs and anticipating what will make their experience more fulfilling. Whether it be in the leadership or the health industry, giving my full focus to our customers and their needs has been a foundational key to our forward movement.

What makes you the best?

There are a lot of reasons people get into business, but when I stopped looking for a reason and instead discovered a cause, that’s when everything in our business began to change! When you create a cause driven business model that is grounded in truly serving people I believe you will become the best in your industry and that is the journey we are currently on. Our mission at and is to educate everyone everywhere excluding no one to live their Greatest Life!

How will you become the best?

Obviously I am huge fan of mentorship! We have all heard there are no short cuts to success, but I think that is a lie. Mentorship is a short cut to success! The most effective way to become the best is to watch and learn from others that have been the best, even if it is in a different industry. Anytime I want to do something I always look for at least two people from the past that have done what I want to do or something similar. Then I look for at least two people that are currently doing what I want to do or something similar allowing me to learn what I can from them and their experiences. The knowledge and wisdom you gain from mentorship can accelerate anyone in becoming their best.

What are your aspirations: business & personal? Personal:

Personal: To create at least two cause driven business that will generate enough revenue to fund my philanthropic desires by my 50th birthday so I can spend the 2nd half of my life giving even more than I do now and to be able to show my children the most important use of money, which is to impact and influence those who are in need.

Business: I believe our core business is education and to make that education available to people in a way they want it and at a price point they can afford it. We believe we have found that formula (The Power Of $9.90) and our official goal is to have the Mentorfish community and the Live Streaming Fitness community at least 1 million strong each within the next 60 months.

What fascinates you?

What fascinates me the most is how so many people, myself included, at times make up limitations that don’t really exist and then let those made up limitations rob them of their Greatest life! It is a passion of mine to help people see the only power limitations have over you is the power you give them.

Favorite Motto?

“You cannot walk towards your Greatness you can only walk away from it.”

Favorite People?

My favorite people are those who have made a mockery of the impossible such as Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, John D Rockefeller, Andre Aggasi, and Michael Jackson.

Favorite Places?

Isla Mujueres, Binimi, and on the boat with my family.

Favorite Products?

One of my favorite products is my Bose ear buds. They allow me to shift seamlessly from increasing my knowledge, speaking on the phone, to listening to the music that keeps me motivated all with the highest level of quality sound. (No I didn’t get paid to say that) I even have a back up pair!

Current Passions?

Outside of my faith, family, and serving people I LOVE BOATS! I work from my boat, I spend my vacation time on a boat, and I pretty much love anything to do with boats.