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Manisha Chawhan's lifelong interest in real estate blossomed into a passion after starting the search for her own home in Manhattan. "I found myself perusing the real estate section of the newspaper just for fun," she says. It was then that Manisha decided to act on that passion and become a licensed real estate representative. In short order, Manisha has developed a reputation amongst her clients as an honest, knowledgeable, and decisive ally in the search for a new home. She prides herself on staying calm under pressure and gaining the trust of her clients--two skills she developed in her former job as a pharmacist. "I built relationships with my patients to make sure they left my pharmacy happy and satisfied with their service," remembers Manisha. "This would ensure that they trusted me."

Manisha notes the importance of strong interpersonal relationships in real estate, too. "It is so important to make sure the client is comfortable and satisfied throughout any transaction, so that a long-term relationship may be built." An avid foodie with an interest in health and wellness, Manisha is also fluent in Hindi and is a certified Tribeca neighborhood expert. She lives with her family in TriBeCa, where she treasures the abundance of green space, the vibrant restaurant scene, and the family-friendly atmosphere of the neighborhood. "Everything I have learned from my home search would serve my clients well," she says. "I truly understand the city and can offer an honest, insider scoop."

What do you do best?

I am an excellent listener. I think what I do best is empathize and form a connection with my clients that leads to a deeper level of understanding of their objectives. Sometimes a client will not come out and explicitly communicate their thoughts - they may not even be sure what they want! I call my ability to hear unspoken words and ask the right questions "intuitive listening" and it differentiates me.

What makes you the best?

I never give up. I believe there is a solution to every problem. My tenacity is particularly noteworthy in my approach to client service. Notably, I have worked with clients for over several months trying to find "that perfect" apartment. I know that elusive place exists and I will find it...I've done it before and won't give up until I find it!

How will you become the best?

Hard work, commitment and focus are important in every endeavor and I am certain that these qualities will continue to develop over time and position me to be the best real estate professional I can be. I am passionate about finding people their perfect home and my approach and attitude will undoubtedly help me become the best!

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Business: I aspire to make enduring connections with my clients. I hope that my value-add defines the real estate experience for clients. I think the highest compliment is repeat and referral business. I want to be the "go-to" real estate professional for anyone seeking honest and thoughtful advice and efficient execution.

Personal: I aspire to try every single restaurant in lower Manhattan! Having lived in Tribeca for over a decade, I have already made a dent in this goal. I recognize the scale of this challenge but my taste buds and high heels are up for the challenge!

What fascinates you?

I am fascinated by the kaleidoscope of stories that each of my clients brings to their real estate search. Whether it is a newly married couple, an expectant mother or an empty nester, there are always different priorities and motivations behind each move. Listening and understanding these perspectives help me deliver the best options for my clients.

Favorite Motto?

Have no regrets. This motto is particularly relevant in the fast paced NYC real estate market. Decisions often need to be made in hours (sometimes minutes). Spending time educating my clients ahead of time helps them make informed decisions quickly when the moment arises.

Favorite People?

People who are passionate inspire me to be my best. I love when clients have a definitive point of view on their ideal home. I feed off of their passion and vision for their ideal apartment and am determined to keep going until I find it for them.

Favorite Places?

I love sitting in Duane Park while sipping my flat white from Laughing Man and gazing up at the Mohawk Atelier lofts (my favorite building in Tribeca), rising up from Bouley's bucolic gardens below.

Favorite Products?

I love products that bring the feeling of high end luxury to everyday life, like my lavender linen spray that always makes me feel like I'm staying in a five star hotel.

Current Passions?

I am most passionate about being an ambassador for New York City. I grew up in the Connecticut suburbs outside of NYC and always dreamed of living here. I have lived in the city for over a decade now and have traveled to the greatest cities in the world. All the while, I still love coming home to New York City best!

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