Vincent Pilot Ng: Founder of Theory Mob & Bomber & Company

My NativeAdVantage: Product Designer and Entrepreneur


My name is Vincent Pilot Ng and I believe that life is an exploration. I am passionate about business, being an entrepreneur, as well as adventuring. Hard work, determination, persistence, and good will can bring about limitless opportunities and experiences. Live life like you’re telling the greatest story ever told. Life: My family immigrated from China in the early 80′s. My mother found herself working a child care business and my father started in construction. From food stamps, to collecting recyclables, to selling newspapers, my family found a way to make ends meet. I spent much of my childhood sharing a couch with my younger brother Steven. Life brings about hardships, however opportunities always find a way to bloom. Work hard, play hard, and conquer. Growing up, my academics were always sub-par. I had always had trouble keeping up with others at Lowell High School (San Francisco, CA) and I found myself working more than studying. I started my first job at the age of 16 years old as a barista at Starbucks. Three years later, I moved into hospitality at the St. Francis Hotel (San Francisco, CA).

I was able to put myself through college while working 25 hours a week and commuting between San Francisco and San Jose. I attended SJSU for 2 years before moving to England to try to find a direction in life. After graduating from Nottingham Trent University (England, UK) with a International Business Degree. I returned to sunny California for a fresh start. For a year, I worked in sales and finance for a car company. Upon realizing that the 9 to 5 day was not very fulfilling, I decided to leave to venture on businesses of my own beginning in January of 2012. After what seemed to to be more failures than successes, the hard work finally paid off 6 months later. I founded Halo Belt Company, a business professionalizing in fiber optic safety. The following year, I founded Theory Mob, a strategic business accelerator firm utilizing the knowledge I have gained to design, create, and turn concepts of products into reality.

What do you do best?

I’m a product designer by trade. I imagine, design, create, and bring concepts to life. Many times its not about inventing something completely new. When you understand an object or an idea from its foundation or base, you are able to see what makes it work or function from an outside perspective. We take this process and find ways around it and hack it, making it faster, more effective, and simpler to use… thus making it better. Thats where true innovation comes from.

What makes you the best?

Best is always subjective and relative. I truly believe if you love what you do, you are able to become the best. Most people spend their whole lives doing what they hate. They follow a system designed by others because they don’t know that they have a choice. They are taught to believe that “life” is fulfilled once they graduate from college, find a job, or buy a car within reach. They believe happiness will come along with these milestones. Finding true happiness is not structured. It comes from friends, family, and doing something meaningful. You have one life, do what you love. You’ll be the best at living your life.

How will you become the best?

Passion. I wake up every morning excited for the day and go to bed knowing I conquered another. I put passion and heart into everything I do. I don’t really like the term “job” because it has a negative connotation. Theres no soul in “job”. To me, its important to find your passion in life. Once you do, you’re no longer working for the weekend. You’re working for yourself and fulfilling your own dreams rather than building someone else’s. When you’re on that path, you will become the best.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Travel is what really drives me as a personal aspiration. Its interesting to see how people interact in different cultures. We are all bound by the same compounds and physical limitations. We all have a heart, a brain, and a body. I’d like to understand what makes people think and act in their own way and how their cultures have influenced their personalities. I’d like to see the world and perhaps even explore space one day. Within business, I aspire to do the best I can in everything, leaving no regrets. Taking on every new idea as another challenge is something I am very familiar with. Success is NOT luck. Success comes from countless failures as well as trials and errors. At the end of the day, its important to know the answer or outcome rather than not knowing at all.

What fascinates you?

Pushing the limitations of what we are able to do.

Favorite Motto?

“Live your life like you’re telling the greatest story ever told.”

Favorite People?

Elon Musk & Kanye West

Favorite Places?

San Francisco and Outer Space

Favorite Products?

Anything that disrupts an industry

Current Passions?

Travel, Design, Business