Amanda Tarter: Broker, COMPASS

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Amanda is a born-and-raised Manhattanite who exudes the same fresh energy as her home city does. Her market knowledge, unique perspective and strong enthusiasm all comes into play when helping others find their New York City home. First-time buyers especially love Amanda, thanks to her youthful spirit and dogged determination to make their initial real estate experience rewarding. Amanda has now returned to her Upper West Side roots, after owning an apartment in Greenwich Village. She has a keen understanding of the city's diverse neighborhoods and is a good barometer when it comes to identifying where her customers would feel most at home. Amanda is passionate about a variety of neighborhoods and has sold property throughout Manhattan Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Upper East and West sides, Soho, and the Village.

She is a personable, professional and dedicated agent who works diligently to find her clients their ideal new residence or until their property is sold or rented. She particularly loves the challenge of space configuration and the preservation of architectural details. She also understands the intricacies of working with developers, having sold numerous properties in new construction and conversion buildings, and she recently purchased an apartment herself in a pre-war conversion building. Amanda left Manhattan solely to attend Tufts University in Boston. Amanda previously worked at a Soho-based commercial real estate firm where she gained invaluable knowledge, before realizing her true passion is working with customers to find the home of their dreams. Amanda resides on the Upper West Side with her husband, Josh, two sons, Ryder and Chase, and their rescue mutt, Molly.

What do you do best?

I make the process of buying or selling a home enjoyable for my clients. Buying or selling in NYC can be a VERY stressful experience, from dealing with coop boards, to multiple offers, and financing. I try and make it go as smooth as possible for my clients by guiding them through it and controlling as much of the chaos as I can with a sense of humor.

What makes you the best?

I grew up here. I know the city intimately. When I show an apartment, I am always aware of where the nearest subway stop is, best restaurants, grocery stores, and dry cleaners. To me, the best part of living in NYC is that everything can be at your fingertips.

How will you become the best?

I started at Compass about 4 months ago after being at Corcoran for 11 years. A big draw for me was the technology and support at Compass. I have already seen the impact on my business. Just being able to access our full database from my phone has been enormously helpful. When a client points to a building as asks “ what’s available there?” I am able to give an answer on the spot! I also have to say, hard work and persistence (as cliché as it is). In this job, it’s very easy to get discouraged when a deal doesn’t work out the way you thought it would or your buyer doesn’t win a bidding war and you are back to square one, but the way I have succeeded in the past has been to keep pushing forward.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: For me, this is all about my kids. I have two boys, Ryder (4) and Chase (16months)…Being a mom is by far my toughest challenge and greatest joy. I aspire to raise two kind, generous, and inquisitive boys.

Business: I have been working on an 8-unit new development project in Brooklyn at 139 Meserole Street over the past two years and it is coming to market late summer/early fall. I have really enjoyed the collaborative experience of being involved in a project from start to finish. I would love to continue working on these types of projects.

What fascinates you?

Honestly… The market changes over the last few years and the growth of the Brooklyn market. How quickly neighborhoods are able to pop up and expand

Favorite Motto?

"Home is where there's a big enough closet to fit your shoe collection"

Favorite People?

My family!!!!

Favorite Places?

Fire Island- I am a total beach person. To me there is nothing better than sitting on the beach from morning till dinner with a book (of course, I never do that anymore, I am usually chasing after my kids, but as long as I am on the beach, it’s ok)

Favorite Products?

Can’t live without my iphone and my lifeproof case (it is indistructable)

Current Passions?

Shopping--- I am a serious shop a holic. I LOVE a deal and I love searching for the best sources!

Instagram: @abtnyc