Dana Claudat: Creator of The Tao of Dana, www.fengshuidana.com

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Dana Claudat is a Pyramid School Feng Shui Master, designer and writer. In addition to being the author and creator of The Tao of Dana, (www.fengshuidana.com),  Dana Claudat is an Interior Design Editor-At-Large for Tumblr and a Wellness Expert at Mind Body Green. Her approach to feng shui is functional and modern, packed with art, science and lots of style.  She focuses on ideas that are doable, empowering, sometimes simple and typically gorgeous.  

Dana has been a Guest Curator for Saatchi Online and her work has been featured in Glamour, Lonny, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, Blake Lively's Preserve and many more global media outlets. Earlier this year she was named one of Athleta’s 100 Women To Watch In Wellness.

What do you do best?  

What a question!   I’ll answer this one with feedback I get from others because I feel like I’m always learning everything…!

I’m told I help people get un-stuck, expand their horizons and realize more of the potential they know they have but haven’t realized yet.    

What makes you the best?

I think my mind and the way I see life makes the best at being me and doing what I do with design and feng shui as me - in my own way-  with tons of energy.  

While I’ve been told it’s not a good business model, I literally pour myself into my clients and communities and blog.  I answer 90% of the emails I get (minus obvious spam and things I accidentally miss in transit).  I don’t treat things like “business transactions” because, essentially, I could make tons of money in a multitude of other ways, so to me this is something far different from a business. And… I can tell you, no matter how much I’ve been told I’m “crazy” for giving so much time in my life to this stuff, I don’t feel crazy. I feel thrilled.   And I know so many people, many close friends, borne from our online chats… I meet lots of readers and clients. One incredible womanfrom Malaysia even got to stop over during a trip to the States and spend time in LA catching up over a long lunch.  These are the things I love.  This is “business” to me.  

How will you become the best? 

Innovation. My life and my home, and my pantry and my closets and bookshelves are all a laboratory.  It’s always been that way- I’ve always been looking for the better way to do something or experience something or know it- but now it’s extended into projects everywhere I look! Even my bathroom and the dogs closet are overflowing with stuff to try.  If I’m not doing something new, learning something new, I’m not interested.  

I also work like mad-crazy.  It’s in my DNA. But it’s so much fun that I can’t say it’s imbalanced at all.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: Aspiring to be a better person every day and to live in a way that keeps me healthy and present.  

On my mind lately… more trips to Taisekiji Japan to study Buddhism, expanding my family, rescuing more dogs… and designing a family home with a huge garden that’s self-sustaining. 

Business: I’ve spend a lot of time creating a set of 8-Week immersion camps- Catalyst Camp (for de-cluttering life) and two more coming soon. It’s been remarkable how much synergy happens when we all (myself included in the group) commit to really tackling fundamental areas of life and going for it whole-heartedly and together.  I’ve cried on our group calls.  I cry reading emails.  Lots of tears of joy these days.   Expanding these Camps, along with the DIY feng shui courses I’ve created in partnership with Mind Body Green, are a real mission of mine.  I also have big plans for design

My vision is to put the most effective space-life solutions in people’s hands no matter what you have or what you can afford… not just for people who have thousands of dollars to work privately with me.  A modern feng shui revolution, so to speak, in my own way…!

What I want to do takes many forms… but every form is exciting.

What fascinates you?

Time.  It’s so elastic.  The concept of enlightenment also fascinates me.  

Favorite Motto:

“Don’t talk about it, be about it. “

Favorite People:

Friends & family & dogs are included here

Favorite Places: 

LA, Paris, Brazil and now I’m obsessed with Asheville, NC

Favorite Products

My Dyson Animal vacuum and my iPhone are the only two “brand” products that are really important to my every day at the moment!  I’m a big fan of Philip Stein wellness bands, Alexis Smart Flower Essences and Veriditas Essential Oils.

Current Passions: 

Writing.  Really fantastic art.  Vintage design. Great fashion.  Taking photos.  Hosting & going to awesome parties. Time in every kind of nature (except snow). Getting lost in books, cooking, Korean spas.  House-cleaning. Love.