Bruce J. Avolio, Ph.D.: Mark Pigott Chair in Business Strategic Leadership Executive Director, Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking (Michael G. Foster School of Business) University of Washington

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Bruce has an international reputation as a researcher and practitioner in leadership and was recently ranked in the top 25 management scholars going back over the last 50 years. He has consulted with public and private organizations in North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

He has published 11 books and over 150 articles on leadership and related areas. Dr. Avolio’s latest interest and presentations focus on the following:

What do you do best?

I create new ideas and new ways of looking at areas that advance other people’s thinking about what constituted the leadership dynamic.

What makes you the best?

I am open to very different ideas, and in crossing disciplinary boundaries all of the time to see how other fields think about the same problem.

How will you stay the best?

Continue to do what I have described above.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To sit down and learn how to play the piano again.

Business: To create a pathway of understanding in my professional work that lays the foundation for many others to follow, in order to help them build on what I have discovered with my colleagues.

What fascinates you? 

How life is largely guided by serendipity, interwoven with what we think we can plan.

Favorite Motto: 

A person’s reach should be beyond their grasp.

Favorite People: 

My family.

Favorite Places: 


Favorite Products: 


Current Passions:


Most challenging moment?

When my mother passed.

Biggest disappointment – how will/did you overcome?

Colleagues I have nurtured and contributed to their success, who have let hubris overcome their good senses.

Biggest success? 

The people who I have helped develop.