Daniel Curran: Adjunct Lecturer, (Global Trade) Tippie School of Busines at University of Iowa

My NativeAdVantage:


My career has one of diverse Supply Chain/Logistics field. 26 years with the Canadian Pacific Railroad, 7 years as Dir. Supply Chain and Business Unit Manager for Penford Products in Cedar Rapids, IA and 13 years as General Manager of Worley Distribution Services and Director of Business Development for Worley Companies. I have attended college while working although never completed my degree. Although I have been an Adjunct Lecturer Co-teaching Global Trade at the University of Iowa in the Tippie School of Business for 3 years. I am on the Department of Commerce. District Export Council in Iowa, which is transitioning to the District Export Council of North Carolina. I received US Presidential Volunteerism Award in July, 2010 for support of relief efforts in Haiti. I received my Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Certificate (2011) and am certified as a Trainer for the CGBP Examination.

What do you do best?


What makes you the best?

My approach to issue resolution or subject matter consultation is based on gaining an insight which takes into considerations both soft and hard aspects of the matter being addressed. When presenting information it is critically important to have added value to the exchange or been able to convey to the other party something they may not have known or been aware.

How will you stay the best?

Being curious. There is so much to learn and a lifetime is so short. Finding value in as many interpersonal, academic and technological exchanges as possible.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Being the best student I have ever been is a never ending aspiration which bridges the gap between personal and professional life. I have found teaching to be the most fulfilling activity I have ever undertaken.

What fascinates you?

Things I don't understand. Challenging what I believe in and trying to accept or understand the logic or motivation of ideas I don't agree with.

Favorite Motto?

The only problem with other people, is everyone else thinks your one of them.

Favorite People?

Fareed Zacharia, Thomas Freedman, Colin Powell, Free Thinkers, Jimmy Carter, Victor Frankl, Jeff Immelt

Favorite Places?

China, Japan, Grand Cayman Island

Favorite Products?

I can't pinpoint a thing that has substantial value to me.

Current Passions? I

nternational Trade, Regulatory Compliance and Teaching

Most challenging moment?

Getting fired after 26 years with the railroad. My pride took a mortal blow. Looking for a new job, I had to come to the realization I wasn't the most qualified person on the planet.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

My ability to focus and learn. The railroad was just too easy. I was the reason I was fired. This is humbling to recognize.

Biggest success?

The force which impacted my success was to have worked for the brightest businessman, I've ever met. He recognized my skill set and ambition and really challenged it. Once I engaged in the world off shore I was hooked. Taking these experiences and developing a new platofrm and direction were a match beyond my expectations.

I am the best student I have ever been. I take great pride in being a resource and subject matter expert regarding applied International Supply Chain activity, regulatory compliance with the ability to bring to conclusion substantial projects while helping others learn from the experience