Based out of Pasadena, CA, UTCCH Inc. founder Justin Ballard is on a mission to make this nonprofit the go-to place for positive lifestyle tools. Justin is the inventor of two U.S. technology patents and has a background in cable television, nonprofit work, and research on speech impact.  Through UTCCH Inc., he is introducing tools to help people make minor life changes that result in long-term benefits.  

UTCCH stands for “Until The Cows Come Home,” the classic phrase that symbolizes commitment and fulfillment. UTCCH Inc. is powered by Justin’s goal to spread long-term positive thinking to others.  Currently, UTCCH Inc. consists of a team of nonprofit volunteers called “Team Positive,” which dedicates its time to helping others through this life changing mission.

What do you do best?

Motivate and inspire others with positive viewpoints. As a researcher, I study how human interaction impacts the world around us, pinpointing what really inspires positive thinking, both within myself and in the people around me.

As an inventor, my passion for creating useful tools keeps me producing processes that can be integrated into our day-to-day lives. These processes or “positive thinking triggers” are at the core of UTCCH and are the reason why everyone is so passionate about supporting this nonprofit.

What makes you the best?

My deepest passions revolve around the mental health and well-being of others, and I am driven to find answers to the question, “Why do we do what we do in life”.  In no way am I a doctor or an expert in psychology.  I am just a driven technology expert, who is determined to make a difference in the world through my expertise in finding answers based on our day to day patterns.  I view life as a series of mathematical formulas.  Our brains act as computers, constantly programming themselves based on our surroundings and influencing the decisions we make.    

Some of my latest work involved group studies on day-to-day speech impact.  We recorded our conversations for set periods of time every day, organizing the data into categories of what type of speech (positive, negative, or neutral) was in the forefront of our speech.  At first, we were aware of being recorded and the results seemed to be inconsistent.  But, after some time, we forgot about being recorded, and we talked as we would in normal interactions.

It was fascinating to see how different conversation topics regularly evoked either positive or negative responses by the individuals and how these responses started chain reactions that resulted in longer-term positive or negative outcomes.  It felt like I had received a gift of self-awareness to realize how an individual’s short-term frame of mind and speech lead to longer-term results.  The more data we compiled, the more the patterns started to evolve.  It became clear that an individual’s day-to-day positive mindset and speech cause a snowball effect of positive events happening for that person.    

People truly do want to live happy and positive lives, but modern technology and social media have immersed us with so much data that being self-aware of your daily habits has become almost impossible to accomplish on your own.  My goal is to help others become more self-aware and to lead more positive and fulfilling lives.  

How will you stay the best?  

Simply put, by staying true to our passion of making the world a better place through self-awareness and long-term thinking.  

Even the smallest positive changes, when applied over long periods of time, reap huge benefits.  At UTCCH, we have created two tools.  The first tool, which we call the “Life Challenge,” helps you get on track with 3 simple positive-thinking steps, which we help you to complete.  

The second tool is called the “Peacitility Agreement”.  Along with your loved ones (for example your husband, roommate, etc.), you list out everything that is important to you and your happiness in order to set a life standard for success.  Then, you commit to the agreement as if it’s a legal contract to keep to these standards with the people you share your life with.  

We want to eliminate negative energy and the build-up of bad feelings, replacing them with openness and transparency. 

What are your aspirations?

Currently, our volunteers only have enough resources to help a small number of people at a time, manually creating and mailing UTCCH members the “Life Challenges” and “Peacitility Agreements” to start them on the path to positive thinking!  

We have turned to fundraisers like Kickstarter and to various charities that we regularly volunteer with to get resources to automate our tools online at utcch.com.  Once we automate our system, everyone will have access to our positivity support tools!  

So far, we have had great success.  Several hundred people have reached out to tell us how positive thinking and writing out their life standards has improved their lives and the lives of those around them.

From youths in Australia and couples in Germany, to students in Amsterdam and families in the United States, through UTCCH we are eliminating negative habits and impacting peoples’ lives through the power of positivity.

What fascinates you?

The sheer power of our thoughts affecting everything around us.  

I imagine a future where we can merge our daily habits, speech patterns, and our health vitals together with smart watch technology, pinpointing exactly how everything we do causes chain reactions to our physical and mental health.  I want to see daily, weekly, and yearly reports showing how my day-to-day life choices are improving everything around me.  How cool would it be to see your weekly stress level decrease from 33% to 25% after you identify your sources of stress and change your mindset to think more positively?

Favorite People:

Recently, I became a huge fan of Masaru Emoto, PhD., a Japanese award-winning author and bestselling writer, who has proven how the energy from our thoughts literally changes the molecular structure of water around us.  

Also, Nicolaus Copernicus has been a huge inspiration to my always thinking outside the box, by writing his own observations on mathematics and astronomy. Then publishing his evidence that Earth orbits the sun, he started the scientific revolution which to me is one of the greatest events in history.

Favorite Places:

Pasadena, CA

Favorite Products:

I love the Disney brand because it spreads happiness every day. Addicted to watching Ted Talks. I am a big fan of Oculus and am excited to see how Virtual Reality will be integrated into our lives.

Current Passions:

Helping others through nonprofit volunteering (especially with animal organizations), researching speech impact, and playing strategic games with friends like Ingress, Clash of Clans, Fluxx by Looney Labs, and Settlers of Catan!