Tobias Dazenko: Co-Founder of Toby Rich

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Entrepreneur in the field of gadgets, mobile technologies and Internet of Things. Passionate for new business concepts and ideas. Co-founder of TobyRich - At TobyRich we make awesome smartphone controlled gadgets and provide our technology to others, enabling them to realize great products.

What do you do best?

At TobyRich we are experts when it comes to smartphone controlled gadgets especially planes.

What makes you the best?

Our team & our passion! We have years of experience in the market. What we do for living, we also love to do in our free-time!

How will you stay the best?

Be open-minded. Exchange with other successful & smart people. Keep on challenging yourself. Have a long-term vision.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Business: Become more efficient in daily work and overall company organization so I can reduce the daily work to a minimum. Focus!

Personal: Create an organization where people love to work and create awesome game-changing products!

What fascinates you?

Outer Space!

Favorite Motto?

Focus is important but cash is king!

Favorite People?

My co-founder & best friend Ulrich Ditschler; Dieter Nuhr (German comedian)

Favorite Places?

South Africa especially Cape Town

Favorite Products?

My MacBook Air, my next iPhone, Spotify

Current Passions? My job, crossfit

Most challenging moment?

Building up a company is one long challenge for the first years. You need to make very decisions but hardly ever know whether it is the right one or not.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

Some former employees when they out of the blue quit their job or stopped coming to work from one day to the other. --> Pay more attention to an employees personal life, family background, job between the lines...

Biggest success?

Coming such a long way...