Giles Mitchell: Co-founder, Office Pantry

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Giles Mitchell is the co founder of Office Pantry, the food company delivering super foods to super offices. If you are a foodie who loves discovering food restaurants and perusing food markets at the weekends, but hates Wednesday’s vending machine options, you’ll understand why Giles is fueled to help office workers eat better.

What do you do best?

Get great tasting, grandmother-approved, tailored foods into the hands of hungry office workers – vending machines are very 1995.

What makes you the best?

Complete and utter focus on food quality.

Paying it forward wherever we can.

Delivering goodness.

How will you stay the best?

By listening to our customers every day. They really are our business’ foundation.

Biggest success?

Getting into the first of the Big Four accountancy firms and having a successful trial period which was rewarded with further site roll out. Also the amount of money they have now raised for charity through us has confounded all expectations.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: Staying humble

Business: Sustainability, in all definitions of the word.

Most challenging moment?

The legal snageroo we were handed in month 4. It was stick or twist time and after going all-in we haven’t looked back since.

Favorite Motto:

Carpe Diem / Do One Thing Well

Favorite People:

David Hieatt

Malcolm Gladwell

The team behind tens sunglasses

Favorite Places:

Anywhere yet unexplored

Favorite Products:

The necessities: laptop, phone and watch.

My favorite possessions are my spring-loaded shotgun shell case to hold my coins (passed down from my grandfather), a one penny coin minted in 1907 and a one-way ticket for the MTR in Hong Kong which is my bookmark for every book I read.

Current Passions:

Learning every single day.