Jon A. Garfinkel: Professor of Finance & Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow, Tippie College of Business at The University of Iowa

My NativeAdVantage:


Professor of Finance and Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow in the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. Published in leading academic finance, economics and accounting journals. Currently an Associate Editor of the Financial Review, as well as Second VP and Program chair for the Midwest Finance Association’s annual meeting in 2017. Huge proponent of the FLIP teaching technique. Won several MBA teaching awards after starting to use it. Now applying it (starting Fall 2015) to the core undergraduate finance class (450 students).  Serve the Tippie College of Business as Chair of the standing Committee on Teaching and Learning. Serve the University of Iowa as co-chair of their insurance and retirement standing committee, and by sitting on the University President’s “kitchen” cabinet advisory group.

What do you do best? 

I always try to think ahead, with a particular emphasis on goals and then working backwards to understand the steps to achieve them.

What makes you the best? 

I believe I ‘read’ people and situations well. As a teacher, I try to put myself in the student’s shoes and visualize where they are having difficulty understanding something. Then I can guide them to the point where they just glimpse the economic or financial relationship, allowing them to take the final steps to reach the conclusion on their own.

How will you stay the best?

By never stopping my own learning process.  In a competitive world, if you’re not moving forward then the competition is passing you.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: Most personally, to continue contributing to my family’s and my own happiness. More generally, to make a difference to humanity by influencing higher education process and accessibility.

Business: To change the way universities approach instructional strategies, and to use new instructional techniques to emphasize and re-energize the inherent synergies between research and teaching.

What fascinates you?

How people think and learn. Since my teaching philosophy builds around the idea that “the classroom is where you connect the dots”, I always want to know how other people arrive at their own conclusions.

Favorite Motto:

"Know thyself."

Favorite People:

Family and close friends. I find that as I grow older, I truly value deep conversations, exploring underlying explanations for observed behavior and possible solutions to critical problems.  This is easiest to do with those you know, love and trust; family and close friends.

Favorite Places:

Iowa City, USA

North Berwick and Edinburgh, Scotland

Queenstown and Wellington, New Zealand

Hong Kong

Favorite Products:

Good food and wine. My wife, son and I all enjoy cooking and eating. Quality family time is spent in the kitchen and dining room. We also typically build our travel / vacations around visits to nice restaurants.  Given a world-view that life is to be experienced, we love experiencing meals that we could not replicate in our home kitchen.

Current Passions:

Education, family and travel. I am currently working on a project to make it easier for faculty (that teach Finance) to FLIP the classroom. In the long-run I hope this will help physical-campus universities differentiate their offerings from online (free) ones. My wife and I continue to enjoy watching our son explore different passions.  We are always looking forward to planning our next travel adventure.