Andrew Cox: Founder/CEO of Matter and Form Inc.

My NativeAdVantage: Founder and CEO, Matter and Form Inc.


Andrew Cox has been an entrepreneur since he was 18, and has been making things since he could move his hands. His eclectic set of skills was developed through his various professions. Professionally, he has been a programmer, artist, art director, business developer and now CEO. Drew is also an amateur inventor, hacker, and mad scientist. His career path has led him to help build huge brands like Labatt, Budweiser, Audi, Honda, Coca Cola. His hobbies and passion has brought him to respect the names of Prusa, Sherline, Arduino, and every person who has ever contributed to open source projects.

What do you do best?

Steer the ship. Every day I do my best to lead my team by invoking a vision for our company’s future; One that’s combined with comradery, reciprocity and a truly collaborative approach to research, innovation, product development and design. I do my best to bring a strong vision to the company and motivate people using a positive attitude. I also like to get my hands dirty and am great at creating new products and developing new ideas.

What makes you the best?

I thrive on creating, inventing and building products and teams alike. Both require you to be nimble, tenacious and embrace a sense of adventure.

How will you stay the best?

By listening. Information is key to making correct decisions. I pride myself on being an approachable CEO who has gained the trust and loyalty of his employees. I acknowledge their talents and value their ideas, feedback and suggestions. I recognize that it’s their contributions that have allowed my company to grow.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: To learn as many skills as possible, and continue to invent things that astound and impress.

Business: Continue to develop products that are the best in their field, while running a profitable and sought after company.

What fascinates you?

Math and numbers, which define everything we know.

Favorite Motto?

Zig when they zag

Favorite People?

Musk, Tesla, Hawking.

Favorite Places?

Cinque Terre, Italy. Toronto, Canada. New York City.

Favorite Products?

Any tool of good quality. I’m not generally impressed with products otherwise. Usually a product is a combination of a watered down idea, with little functionality, and a lot of marketing.

Current Passions?

Mountain biking, RC Heli, programming.