Dillon Ceglio: Founder of Original GRIT

My NativeAdVantage: Products for a Purpose


Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Dillon Ceglio is a tenacious and intuitive entrepreneur with a vision to create unique products with the intentions of creating a platform to promote social awareness.

With a history involving community service and outreach, Dillon has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in New Orleans, where he was put to work repairing houses and reopening a middle school after the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In addition, he was also a Big Brother & Big Sister mentor to an underprivileged teenager for two years during his early 20s in Jersey City, NJ.

Having graduated from the University of Southern California in 2013, Dillon immediately began using his networking and logistical skills, which he credits his childhood lessons growing up outside New York City and the character development that he focused on living in Los Angeles, to collaborate with like-minded individuals who valued the same principals when building a business.

He is currently focused on his first project, Original GRIT. He and his partners took a stand to raise awareness for Veterans who call the streets of Los Angeles home. With their handcrafted anchor paracord bracelets and unique hat designs, they are building the foundation to help provide essentials to the homeless veterans. These bags are filled with simple necessities from clean socks to towels and many hygiene related products. It's the first step of their ongoing mission to say thank you and bring back some hope and dignity to these brave Veterans.

What do you do best?

It is difficult for Dillon to say he does anything best, but what he strives to be the best in is providing value and credibility in what he does. When he meets someone for the first time and they ask him what he does, he want them to feel the passion that he brings to whatever project that he is working on. In order to sell himself or his ideas, he needs to be able to show that immediately. So, to be the best, he needs to make others believe in what he believes in.

What makes you the best?

Hard work, dedication, and persistence.

How will you stay the best?

In order to stay the best, it is important for Dillon to keep his ego and character in check. The life lessons and hardships that he has faced and overcame in life is what keeps him grounded so going forward, he must keep a strong grasp on his values and ideals that have gotten him this far.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Dillon wants to strengthen his personal character and build his confidence. There are plenty of weaknesses that he can pin point without doing much reflection and it is important to him to work on those. For instance, he is not a strong public speaker, but by seeking out discomfort, he forces himself to practice and improve this skill. Building businesses and working on projects have always intrigued Dillon, but what he really wants to get out of business is an opportunity to create a platform that promotes social awareness.

He personally believes that his generation has the opportunity to change the outlook of small businesses. If he can build a business that attracts people because of the quality of his product or service, then why can’t he attract them by promoting action and change? Rather than looking at a business solely as a mechanism to generate revenue, Dillon wants people to see his projects and feel the passion that it is built from. A successful project will gain the support of people who believe in it, so if the project is attached to a social movement, to Dillon, that is a step in the right direction.

What fascinates you?

Working on new projects

Favorite Motto?

“Do what you want, where you are, with what you have, and never be satisfied”

Favorite People?

Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Lee Brown, and Eric Thomas

Favorite Places?

New York City & the Jersey shore

Favorite Products?

iPhone & foam roller

Current Passions?

Exercising, hiking, collaborating on projects