Donna Avery: Part-time Assistant Professor at Parsons, The New School

My NativeAdVantage: Trailblazer Black Female On The Business and Technology Side Of Fashion - Textiles Engineering, Material Science from GA Tech.


Textile and Fashion Industry Specialist - Industry experiences include natural and/or engineered man-made fiber end uses, textile chemistry, apparel, home furnishings, accessories, industrial textiles and textiles related to consumer by-products. In man-made fiber processing, served as the first female in dyeing and finishing technology. Other duties included merchandising, color and market analysis, sales, and tracking product from industry wholesale to consumer retail. Activities in product analysis included consumer behavior and target marketing research, cost studies for import/export manufacturing, inclusive marketing studies, textile identification, and the analysis of the science of fiber to fashion in new product development for both low or high performance textile end uses. Spoke at Pan American Leather Fair - Miami 2008; Critic - Korean Fabric Exhibition Metropolitan Pavilion - NYC 2012; Served as an expert witness for the Dept. of Justice - International Trade Division – on Import/Export Fabric Quotas.

What do you do best?

Conceptualize big ideas that will benefit the general public

What makes you the best?

22 years in corporate - now 22 years as an educator - BUT paying tribute to my mother, I am smart enough to know there is always something I can learn.

How will you stay the best?

Praying, researching, writing, reading the press, trying to be aware, staying a news junkie. All of this will help me to achieve because it is not about the MONEY but winning "the game".

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Finding the right business niche to get started - avoiding the greedy - finding someone who respects me for business acumen. As a woman I don't mix business with the personal. I know that getting one thing off the ground will open my 15 minute window and I have Business Plans that I will get through before that window closes.

What fascinates you?

Since I have written everybody including the Pope, I realize that your worthiness to achieve success is first measured by how much money you have made, and you tend to be "nobody" till you finally touch the right person who can help you reach that stratosphere. Keep in mind you are no greater or smarter than you were before. God thing I know God has a plan.

Favorite Motto?

1 Corinthians 2:9

Favorite People?

The persevering poor and faithful working stiff.

Favorite Places?

Places near a large body of water with a open blue sky. NOT a hot crowded beach and know I can't swim.

Favorite Products?

Those with smart and ergonomic design and are reasonably priced so folk can afford to use them.

Current Passions?

Research, writing creative works, sewing to relax.

Most challenging moment?

Winning a two year fight with the USPTO to accept my methodology and to award my patent - US8,756,909. Again I thank my lawyer, it was gratifying the patent office had to award me an extra 1007 days.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

Too much to mention. Looking back over my 65 year journey, I now realize God was getting my faith, strength, courage, and character together. Now I am not afraid of anything.

Biggest success?

Raising my 2nd heart and daughter - the Tony nominee De'Adre Aziza. She has given me my 3rd heart - my 14 year old grandson who just got back from spending the summer (on full scholarship) on the Los Angeles campus of John Hopkins University, studying something I can't pronounce.