Dr. Philip Greenwood, CPA & Senior Lecturer, Management & Human Resources at Wisconsin School of Business

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He's an educator, startup advisor, biker, former CPA, and sports fanatic. Phil is the founder of the Phil Greenwood Group, a management advisory firm that focuses on providing training and advisory services to early and growth stage companies. As an educator, he has taught at the Wisconsin School of Business in Madison, WI for over 15 years in the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, and strategy. Courses include New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurial Finance, Private Equity, Business Strategy, and Entrepreneurial Management.

While primarily teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, Phil has also taught at Copenhagen Business School, HEC MBA Program, KOC University Executive MBA program, University of St. Thomas - St Paul, MN, etc. As a business advisor, I have consulted with a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations in the MidWest. Consulting engagements include developing strategic plans, financing plans for startups, financial analysis, and fund raising. In total, Phil has assisted firms in raising over $70 Million in startup and growth capital in industries such as cellular medicine, biotechnology, software, nanotechnology and service firms.

From a corporate training perspective, he has facilitated training courses in Finance, Strategy, and Accounting including areas like Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Communication for IR Professionals, Capital Budgeting and other courses. Clients include(d) Genus/ABS Global, the Wisconsin Supplier Distributor Council, Brunswick Corporation, WW Grainger, Abbott Laboratories, Hollister Corporation and other international businesses. Prior to his current roles, I worked in Finance, Accounting and Sales at KPMG, McDonald's Corporation and Abbott Laboratories in the Greater Chicago Area. I also obtained his PhD, MBA-Finance, and BBA - Accounting at UW-Madison.

Finally, I'm a Certified Public Accountant for the State of Illinois. His professional expertise: startups, private equity, venture capital, valuation, business strategies, entrepreneurial growth strategies, financial planning, and financial ratio analysis.

What do you do best?

I have been told and believe that I am best at explaining and describing complex concepts and topics in a way that is understandable to the ‘regular’ person. Once I have the ability to understand a topic, I am able to translate the information a variety of ways that hopefully provides data to people that will improve their decision making process on that topic.

What makes you the best?

Enthusiasm and caring. Taking a topic like Finance or Accounting, which I majored in as an undergrad and grad, was usually dull and complicated. I take a topic such as that, add some humor, speed up the discussion, and try to infuse energy when covering it. Energy and Enthusiasm can make any topic seem interesting (usually…).

How will you stay the best?

By always seeking to do things better, using new techniques and innovation, and constantly maintaining high level of energy in whatever I do. The advent of new educational technologies and platforms are revolutionizing the education field and allow for so much creativity to be applied. Additionally, I will constantly stay in contact with the business world through consulting and advisory, using the concepts from the ‘real world’ to infuse in my class discussions.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

To keep growing, learning and serving. Continue to grow in teaching ability, adapt to the fast changing society, and continue to build my consulting practice and services.

What fascinates you?

I’m fascinated by the fast changing technology environment. As soon as one learns how to use a new app or technology, something new comes along – if one embraces it – it truly is a fun time to be alive.

Favorite Motto?

Resolve to live until you die.

Favorite People?

In no particular order: Bruce Springsteen – seeing the Boss in concert numerous times over several decades, the way he brings the energy and effort every night over several hours leaving every last ounce of flesh out there. Peter Drucker – the sage of management advice – still so relevant. Dr. John Buchanan, Emeritus Senior Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago – he was spell binding in his sermons as he was able to combine the day-to-day issues of life with philosophy and religion in a way that was thoughtful and non-threatening. Finally, Martin Luther King, Jr. – risking and giving his life in a non-violent way trying to change what needed to be changed.

Favorite Places?

The Memorial Union Terrace at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Come to UW-Madison, have a beer at the lake front during summer and you will see why.

Favorite Products?

The Iphone 6+ - really still amazing how much it does and impacts one’s life. Growing up with the computer age, to think the processing power in these things when compared with the original PCs and mainframes.

Current Passions?

Writing as much as I can, as one becomes older, you realize how much information you have and want to share it. Also, health – always believed that one must have their physical and mental health intact in order to accomplish all else in life. Finally, the Chicago Cubs – they look like they are on their way over the next few years. Could a World Series championship finally answer so many Cub fan prayers? Living through 1969 and the Bartman year, there still is a great deal of pain one has from a broken heart when the Cubs were close. Hope is a powerful thing.

Most challenging moment?

The PhD degree - hands down. Took seven years, gave up a relatively solid business career and income but it got me to where I wanted to be - more independence and in a field of being able to help organizations and institutions.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

In the late 1980s/early 1990s I had an opportunity to take a job in the San Diego area with Abbott Labs. Having visited there several times before that, I was always enamored with the weather, the city and the opportunity. I really wanted to move there but for some reason decided not to pursue. I probably realized the increase in cost of living and other things that made it problematic to move. So, I stuck in the Midwest.

Biggest success?

Obtaining a PhD from the U of Wisconsin - Madison. It was a seven year journey where I was tempted to quit at various points due to job opportunities or other things. Completing it was like completion of a marathon, not really a destination but the satisfaction of completing the process.