Heide Fasnacht: Visual Artist

My NativeAdVantage: Visual Artist


I am a visual artist making prints, drawings, sculptures, and large scale installation works. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to NYC at age 21. I have taught at many schools including Princeton, Harvard, UCLA and, presently, Parsons. I have lectured at Yale, the MFA in Boston, Carnegie school, etc.

What do you do best?

Make Art

What makes you the best?

am I the best? There is a high degree of awareness in the arts that there are many different bests.

How will you stay the best?

I try to ignore trends unless they are offer substantive new insights.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

I aspire to find better and better fits for myself. Much of the work that I do addresses a set of concerns: sculpture, shifting economic and environmental concerns, making art in the digital age. It is challenging to locate and make contact with the audience(s) that would be receptive.

What fascinates you?

People in the US who vote against their own self interest.

Favorite Motto?

You don't need a motto.

Favorite People?

My friends

Favorite Places?

My studio.

Favorite Products?

Xacto blades, band saw, pencils, sewing machine, printer

Current Passions?

Casino demolitions as a metaphor for our current risk economy

Most challenging moment?

9/11 - which was just down the street.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

The art world and its institutions and businesses is changing rapidly. It is challenging to find one's footing anew as these changes unfold. I remind myself that fixating on disappointments doesn't help solve them. Having said that, I must add that it feels necessary to keep an eye out for those new business and not for profit models that may offer some promise.

Biggest success?

Each time a make a new work that is better than the last.