Henrich R. Greve: Professor of Entrepreneurship and The John H. Loudon Chair of International Management at INSEAD, Singapore

My NativeAdVantage: Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD


Henrich R. Greve is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and The John H. Loudon Chair of International Management at INSEAD, Singapore. He also serves as Academic Director of the Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Center for Entrepreneurship. He does research on organizational change, especially strategic changes in response to poor performance or a changing environment. He has spent more than a decade editing in two top journals of management research, and has edited four books and written two. The most recent book, Network Advantage: How to Unlock Value from your Alliances and Partnerships, uses research on firm networks to provide methods for firms to gain competitive advantage.

What do you do best?

I find places where we need new knowledge and start research that others can learn from and build on. One of the easiest parts of research is building on others; one of the hardest is to discover a new question and a new way of answering it. I like to look for gaps in our knowledge that are not even recognized. Once I have shown the gap and how to fill it, others will follow.

What makes you the best?

I have been in universities long enough to know that there is no shortage of smart people. What makes a real difference is not ability, it is ideas and effort. So I try to look at new questions, look at questions in new ways, and find answers in new ways. And I know that hard ways of answering questions are often the most valuable because I might find a new question along the way.

How will you stay the best?

I talk to people and work with people. No individual is any good in isolation, especially not when it comes to finding new ideas. I don’t really distinguish between how good I am and how good the people around me are; in the end it is the team that gets results.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Business: To learn something new, often.

Personal: To not only do well for myself, but also to have people around me become successful and feel that I helped it happen.

What fascinates you?

The great food that can be made in top restaurants and the great conversations that we have around the table.

Favorite Motto?

One thing that never dies is the judgment of a life.

Favorite People?

Those who tell me new things, give me interesting new thoughts, and help me see things from a different perspective. There are many who are close to me, but I am open to others too. And a favorite from long time back is the author Tove Jansson.

Favorite Places?

I am happy anywhere with an ancient ruin and spectacular nature. But I also love city life, and think that it is possible to find great neighborhoods in any city with a million or so inhabitants.

Favorite Products?

Currently I am fascinated by the quality of the new Bluetooth speakers. I like sound, in general. I also think that new technology with positioning and networking is going to result in products that make our life a lot easier and better. I like driving too much to want a self-driving car, but I love the concept.

Current Passions? Variety. I have never liked anything so much that I have let it take a big portion of my life. I need to spend time with people, I need to learn new things to do, I need to get interesting research findings.