Scott Green: Co-owner/President of Creative Concepts

My NativeAdVantage: Creative Concepts - with brands Pucker Powder, Whackies, Fla-Ver, and BalanStix


Scott Green is co-owner and serves as President of Creative Concepts. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family it wasn’t a matter of if but when Scott would be involved in business. Immediately after receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona it was time to start working. As a Birmingham, Alabama native Scott moved back home to open and operate 2 family entertainment centers. With high rents, lots of young less than reliable employees, and limited ability to expand, the family decided it was best to shut down operations and sell the assets. Scott took the opportunity to turn adversity into a business that now has candy products on every continent on the planet, over 45 countries, and employs 30 people.

During his tenure as owner, manager, and dishwasher of the family entertainment center called Jammin Gym, Scott constructed numerous elements within the business. These ranged from custom soft play units to a Sand Dispenser for users to create their own custom sand art bottle. He met his wife Kathy while at the family entertainment center, and she has been instrumental in the business since day one. The Sand Art Dispenser was a big hit with the kids and parents and Scott saw his next opportunity coming. Setting up shop in a rented one-room building, Scott sold his first Sand Art unit to Carnival Cruise Lines in January of 1998. He then constructed and installed over 15 Sand Art Dispensers in the next 18 months. During this time, he formulated and designed his current product line, Pucker Powder.

Scott currently leads the Creative Concepts organization which has a wide skill set including plastic and metal product design, manufacturing process design, food design, and international sales and fulfillment. With many sticks in the fire the organization continually develops new and innovative dispensers in order to grow into more markets and a diversity of locations. Additionally, Creative Concepts has been focusing on brand extensions with a constantly evolving line of Pucker Powder, Whackies, and Fla-Ver branded candy items. Scott is active in local environmental issues and recently rolled off as Board President of the Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, President of the newly formed Lake Purdy Rowing Association, and a recent member of the Irondale Planning and Zoning Commission. When not at work or home, Scott is an avid outdoor enthusiast, rock climbing, hiking, mountain and road biking, and rowing as much as possible or what could be expected from a husband, father, businessman, and involved citizen.

He and his wife Kathy have been married twelve years and have twins, Alex and Madalyn. In 2007 the family of four + dogs purchased a tract of land and Scott designed, general contracted and acted as the electrician for a passive solar home. Although with many projects still in the works, the family has been enjoying their new surroundings since 2010. The home offers many creature comforts while including energy and water efficiencies and a host of other conservation minded elements.

What do you do best?

 Personally I am best at development and design of our products and secondarily being able to take the punches that running a small business delivers.

What makes you the best?

My company is the best because we have a great staff who strive to offer a great product and stellar customer service, and a fantastic group of loyal customers.

How will you stay the best?

Always striving for improvement and never being satisfied with the status quo

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

On the business side we desire to grow a strong, relevant, and sustainable entity. Personally I want to continue to pursue my passions and support my families desires for their personal goals and pursuits. Also my wife and I would like to spend more time and $$$ supporting the causes that matter most to us.

What fascinates you?

So many things as it pertains to the natural world and how smart some people can be.

Favorite Motto?

Do what you say and say what you do

Favorite People?

My now deceased Grandfather, my best friend/wife, and my growing active 12 yr old twins

Favorite Places?

Home first and then in the Woods, Mountains, Desert, and anything that isn't flat

Favorite Products?

My Fla-Ver candy product but if I had to choose other stuff it would be: Anything outdoor gear related, Online radio (got rid of cable tv 4+ yrs ago), What we can now do on our pc's, tablets, and phones

Current Passions?

Growing a business, being a husband and dad, mountain and road biking, rowing, rock-climbing if I could actually get enough time for it, good food-always, and when it happens growing, picking, and eating something fresh from the work or home garden

Most challenging moment?

Another hard question because I have put out significant effort for many things and both failed and succeeded. So picking one: A good friend and I were in Yosemite many years back and ended up turning what we thought would be 3/4 day climb into a 24 hour epic from car to car. It really showed the next day when I had to ask for assistance to carry my tray to the table during lunch. That however was a short amount of time with a lot of physical effort but ultimately pales in comparison to succeeding in life and business and the long term, continual effort it takes.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

I am not someone who goes around regretting what I didn't do but I would have liked to have spent a gap year after college pursuing my outdoor passions and it would have been really cool to be in the X-Games or Olympics.

Biggest success?

Hard question to answer because there is always something more to do. I am proud that I can strive for more and continue to be tenacious about goals and desires. Ultimately I take pride in the fact that I am content in life on a daily basis and live each day to the fullest knowing that we never can get that day back. I know this doesn't answer the question directly but it relates to my internalization of life with a business, family, pursuing passions, and making our house a home as much as possible.