Kyle Hill: Co-founder/CEO of HomeHero

My NativeAdVantage: Building beautiful online user experiences, and remembering people's names.


Kyle Hill is the co-founder and CEO of HomeHero, a trusted senior home care marketplace in Santa Monica. Kyle founded HomeHero after observing the devastating process his father went through finding trusted caregivers for his 98-year-old grandmother, and dedicated his life to making it better. HomeHero recently raised $23 million in funding and has become the #1 source for caregivers in California, with more than 1,500 caregivers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Before HomeHero, Kyle was an equity analyst at Robert W Baird & Co and built online experiences for large digital companies in Los Angeles at the web development and design firm he founded called Kaleazy Creative. In 2011, he launched Flowtab, a mobile payments app for hospitality venues, and scaled the business to three cities.

By 2013, he open sourced Flowtab to focus his attention on HomeHero.

What do you do best?

We differentiate ourselves in the home care space in three areas: quality, speed and price. Our "Heroes" are put through a rigorous screening process that includes an entrance exam, in-person interview and reference check from past employers. We also provide $4 million in theft protection and professional liability insurance. Our tech platform is so streamlined and efficient that we can match clients with caregivers in less than 60 minutes and offer rates 40% lower than agencies.

What makes you the best?

HomeHero is the fastest, most-affordable way to find in-home care for seniors. Pound for pound there is no better value in the industry right now.

How will you stay the best?

We use technology to remove the high overhead costs incurred by traditional agencies, and that gives us the ability to keep our rates low and grow quickly.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Business: Make HomeHero the most trusted brand in the world associated with senior care.

Personal: Leave a legacy as a positive disruptor in the world who touched the lives of billions of people.

What fascinates you?

I love TED Talks and underwater exploration.

Favorite Motto?

The only sign of life is growth.

Favorite People?

Elon Musk

Favorite Places?

South Africa (where I lived for a year) and Ohio (my home).

Favorite Products?

Dashlane, SoundCloud, JackThreads, Flux, Clipmenu, Slack.

Current Passions?

HomeHero, scuba diving, snowboarding, soccer.

Most challenging moment?

Transition from Flowtab to HomeHero.

Biggest disappointment - how did you/will you overcome it?

Biggest success?

HomeHero has provided over 1 million hours of care to seniors across CA.