Mitch Kahan: Founder of InviteUp

My NativeAdVantage:


InviteUp is an event-based, mobile dating app that fast forwards through small talk and quickly connects users in person at their favorite places. Not reliant on algorithms, InviteUp allows users to connect based on mutual interest in specific locations, like a trendy restaurant, local coffee shop or hike.  Users post where and when they want to go so they can quickly and easily meet in person. Potential matches can be filtered by age, location and other lifestyle criteria, and users are searchable by Places (location) or Faces (user profile photos). All browsing is done anonymously and the app is completely free. Launched in June of 2015, InviteUp is a Los-Angeles based company founded by Los Angeles restaurant and real estate entrepreneur brothers Mitch and Avi Kahan. For more information please visit

What do you do best?

We get people together at the places they love quickly and easily.

What makes you the best? 

While there are other event-based dating apps that link users based on mutual interest in locations, InviteUp goes a step further.  Through our Foursquare integration, we enable users to choose exactly where they want to go and when so that they can easily plan dates at those locations.  By allowing users to choose the venue upfront, InviteUp eliminates the hours or days of messaging users endure on other dating sites before getting to an in person date.  We make dating fun by bringing people together at the places they really want to go, and we’re completely free.

How will you stay the best?

We’ll maintain a positive user experience by making dating easy and fun. We’ll offer unique promotions to our users so that InviteUp is the go to place for planning dates. For example, we’ll have an InviteUp day at a popular ice cream shop where our users can get a secret ice cream flavor, offer exclusive access to trendy restaurants or special discounts at local bars.  

What are your aspirations?

Personal: Marriage and a family. I grew up in a large family where we always had events and vacations with immediate and extended family. I can't wait to start my own family and carry on with this tradition.

Business: I've already built up several successful businesses, but I would truly love to see InviteUp thrive. I think that, even with the plethora of dating apps out there, something is still missing. If I can make online dating better for everyone while creating a successful venture, it would truly be a personal accomplishment.

What fascinates you? 

This may sound corny, but I’ve always been fascinated by the process of falling in love. Chemistry is unexplainable, intangible and can't be quantified. Yet it is the single strongest force on this Earth and underlies our entire existence.

Favorite Motto:

California cows are happy cows.

Favorite People:

Ron Paul, Edward Snowden

Favorite Places: 

Though I’m a die hard Angeleno, my favorite place to visit by far is New York City. I love the food, culture, night ife, contagious energy and intensity.

Favorite Products:

Though perhaps an obvious choice, my iPhone is without a doubt my favorite product. It fulfills most of my basic needs - I can read the news, check my emails, watch videos, order food, get transportation, even talk on the phone! I would be lost without it.

Current Passions:

I'm passionate about everything I do from my various businesses ventures, to my personal life, to my dogs. For me a life without passion would be a bleak existence.  And of course, I’m currently passionate about InviteUp!