Geoff Morrill: General Manager of Gunshow Atlanta

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Geoff Morrill has been at Gunshow since the restaurant first opened in May 2013, starting as a server and working his way up to front of house/beverage manager in October 2014 and, now, general manager.

As an aspiring writer, Morrill got into the restaurant industry because it afforded him the flexibility to work at night and write his novels and screenplays during the day. He first met Gunshow owner Kevin Gillespie while working as a server at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta. Prior to spending a year and a half there, Morrill worked as a server at La Tavola Trattoria and a manager at The Iberian Pig, also in Atlanta. When Gillespie offered him the chance to manage Gunshow, it was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.

Morrill says his greatest challenge at Gunshow is acclimating guests to the restaurant’s unique dining experience. “People know we are popular, but they don’t know exactly what we are. They come in expecting a traditional fine dining experience, and it’s a culture shock. So I spend a lot of time managing expectations. Fortunately, our guests always leave happy.”

In his new role as general manager, Morrill will continue to coordinate the service staff, oversee the books, handle ordering and create fluid, food-friendly wine and beer lists to match the ever-changing dinner menu. Each night, his goal is making sure the casual atmosphere at Gunshow doesn’t interfere with the acumen and focus of the service staff.

What do you do best?

I feel as though my strongest quality is the ability to react fluidly in the moment to the unexpected. 

What makes you the best?

Never being satisfied with myself—always striving to be better. 

How will you stay the best?

Staying focused on both the big picture, as well as the smallest of minutia.    

Biggest success?

My daughter Gloria -- she is the light of my life.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To be the best father I can be. I would also love to get published. I have written one novel and am working on a second.

Business: To set the standard for service.

Most challenging moment?

Realizing when I have made a mistake.

What fascinates you?

The fact that on a quantum level, light exists as a wave—in multiple places at the same time—until the simple act of observation causes it to collapse into a singularity. That just looking at something causes the light that we see to change.

Favorite Motto:

“Be water, my friend.” –Bruce Lee

Favorite People:

My daughter Gloria, Bruce Lee, Hunter S. Thompson.

Favorite Places:

Nags Head, North Carolina (The Outer Banks)

Favorite Products

Nike Jordans. There’s something about lacing up a pair…

Current Passions:

Writing when I have the time and watching/arguing about basketball or football.