James Murray: Founder of Supreme Public Relations


Re-visiting James Murray | Founder of Supreme Public Relations

By Todd Rome

In September of 2015, the Native Society featured James Murray of Supreme Public Relations, who at the time was a 28-year old entrepreneur first starting to break into the ever competing New York fashion industry. In just a little over a year, aside from the new platinum blonde hairstyle (which we love!), the young influencer has not only successfully grown his boutique fashion public relations agency; Supreme, into a mini-supremacy, but has become a highly respected member of the modern-day cartel of young fashion and social figures. That being said, having a chief-standing relationship with Vogue magazine always helps.

Starting a business from the ground-up requires one to take profound risks, no matter who you are, or what you do. In the world of fashion and entertainment, it becomes increasingly challenging. The fashion business, similar to entertainment (both are highly intertwined), is overflowing with resumes and new talent, yet opportunities are diminishing little by little, and competition rates continue to ride on a steady upswing. It takes a certain type of character to push through to the forefront of a constantly wavering and over-saturated industry. In this case, James Murray has confidently made his way to the front-of-the-line. Sunglasses and all…

Over the past year, the fashion publicist has achieved a multitude of newly successful contributions to his career such as; both New York and London Fashion Week show productions, multiple VIP/Celebrity endorsements, notable collaborations, top-tier publicity placements, award nominations, and most recently has signed a roster of new clients to the Supreme PR line-up. Presently, the agency represents the following top emerging brands; Rinat Brodach, Pritch London, Sterling King, Ev Bessar, and of course we can’t forget DAMNsel (yes, the pussy pouch!). In addition, the firm also now works with established brands specializing in re-launches and continuing innovations, such as Katya Leonovich, and most recently Malan Breton.

In today’s culture, a publicist is no longer the ‘behind-the-scenes’ mule, who through the blood, sweat, and tears – at the end of the day, is essentially responsible for the success of their clients. They are now very much in on the front-lines of the media, as well as behind it. Since the Kelly Cutrone era, they have become social personalities and celebrities themselves, although they still remain trend-setters, and most importantly the voice of reason for the media. Of course, let’s not forget the exclusive front row access to New York Fashion Week, and VIP treatment at celebrity-driven events. Could this be worth the day-to-day madness? For some, indeed.

So, what’s in store for 2017? James informs us that he is planning to rise to new levels. With the debut of his first cover-story feature for A.R.T.S.Y. Magazine to be released in February, along with another planned season of New York Fashion Week shows, expansions of client base (also now working with Brow Design International for eyebrow micro-blading, an innovative approach to permanent makeup application), and lastly, a pending nomination for the ‘Rising Star Award’ given by LIM College (The College for the Business of Fashion), which honors a single alumni throughout the time span of nearly a decade for his/her career achievements during a commencement ceremony at Carnegie Hall in May.

What do you do best?    

Everything. (insert sarcasm)

What makes you the best?    

I believe that in order to truly be the best, you have had to have been through the worst.

What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business)    

Personal: Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Family, Friendship

Business: Innovation

Biggest Success?    

Those “Holy Shit, I’m really doing this!” moments.

Most Challenging Moment?    

Working with new brands/emerging designers. Establishing a balance between creative vision and market demands.


“Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting everyone else to say it.”

Favorite People/Role Models?    

My parents are my role models, and my siblings and best friends and my favorite people.

Favorite Places/Destinations?    

Manhattan, Paris, London, Bahamas

Favorite Products/Objects?    

Guerlain’s ‘Abeille Royal’ Gold eye-cream, coffee/latte’s, and Parliament Lights are the key to my life. Let’s not forget…clothes, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, backpacks, merse’s.

Current Passions?  

Living my truth.