Katherine Gorman: Founder & Creative Director of Tote Bag Productions

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Katherine Gorman is the founder and Creative Director of Tote Bag Productions, a digital media firm that specializes in creating podcasts and telling complex stories. Tote Bag Productions flagship show, Talking Machines, focuses on opening the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence to a wide audience. In production since January 2015, Talking Machines has been on the front page of iTunes and the top of the iTunes tech charts.  Tote Bag Productions currently raising funds to produce the second season of Talking Machines show. http://tiny.cc/TlkngMchns

What do you do best?

My specialty is creating easily accessible stories about complex topics. I take difficult, complicated, or dense topics and find ways to talk about the reality of what’s happening within them that let’s the audience learn about them, and form their own opinions. This is crucial especially for topics in science, medicine, and finance. These are all issues which impact our lives daily but most people have little expertise in.

What makes you the best?

More than ten years of practice, a voracious curiosity and most of all dedication to the audience, to helping people expand their world makes me one of the leaders in my field.

How will you stay the best?

Constant practice of my craft is the only way to stay good, let alone the best.

Biggest success?

The welcome that Talking Machines has received, our show is having a real impact on people’s understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence and how it impacts their daily lives.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To hone my skills as a listener.

Business: To grow the reach of podcasting and journalistic storytelling as a technique for authentic communication.

Most challenging moment?

I worked in public radio for about ten years before I started Tote Bag productions. Leaving that family, that world, was one of the most challenging moments I’ve had personally and professionally.

What fascinates you?

The evolution of media that used to be reserved for children, like comic books and graphic novels.

Favorite Motto:

“Don’t give up the ship!” Not only because of the sentiment but the history behind it.
Favorite People: My parents and brother, my partner Alex Wiltschko, and my co-host on Talking Machines, Ryan Adams. Also, Stephen Fry.

Favorite Places:

Tobermory, Ontario and the coast of the Bruce Peninsula. My family went camping there when my brother an I were small. It’s always a place that’s meant a lot to me.

Favorite Products:

Any smartphone. The proliferation of smartphones has equipped everyone with the tools to create and tell stories, they’ve made everyone into a reporter and documentarian.

Current Passions:

Storytelling, first, foremost, and always.