Russell S. Winer: The William Joyce Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business

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Russell S. Winer is the William Joyce Professor of Marketing at the Stern School of Business, New York University.  He received a B.A. in Economics from Union College and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.  He has been on the faculties of Columbia and Vanderbilt universities and the University of California at Berkeley.  Professor Winer has been a visiting faculty member at M.I.T., Stanford University, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the Indian School of Business.  He has written three books, Marketing Management, Analysis for Marketing Planning and Product Management, a research monograph, Pricing, and is the co-editor of The History of Marketing Science.  He has authored over 70 papers in marketing on a variety of topics including consumer choice, marketing research methodology, marketing planning, advertising, and pricing.  Professor Winer is currently a Senior Editor for Marketing Science and has served two terms as the editor of the Journal of Marketing Research. He is a past Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Professor Winer is a founding Fellow of both the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science and the American Marketing Association and is the 2011 recipient of the American Marketing Association/Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator award.

What do you do best? 

I use a rather low-key approach to solving problems.  Several organizations have referred to me as a “janitor” as I’m good at cleaning up messes.  I also feel good about helping other people achieve their career goals.

What makes you the best?

I don’t know that I’m the best at anything, but I try to be an empathetic person, always trying to see the other person’s side of issues.

How will you stay the best? 

Try to keep doing what I’ve always done for as long as I can.

Biggest success? 

Personally: That my kids have turned out to be great, successful adults.  Professionally: More than being recognized for my research, that I am well-known for helping other academics both personally and professionally.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To live a long healthy life, travel some more, and have fun with my grandchildren.

Business: Continue to produce top-level research and be an excellent teacher for as long as I can.

Most challenging moment? 

The first MBA class I ever taught.  It was at Columbia Business School, I was younger than the MBA students, and I had no real work experience as I went directly from my undergraduate school to the Ph.D. program at Carnegie Mellon.  It was a rough first semester psychologically, but I survived by over-preparing and some false bravado.

What fascinates you? 

The astounding creativity of some people.  How do some people create amazing screenplays, movie scripts, and other art?

Favorite Motto:

Carpe diem.

Favorite People:

My wife, my kids and their spouses, and my grand-daughter.  Also, the Boston Red Sox.

Favorite Places:

New York, Southeast Asia

Favorite Products:

I’m a confessed carnivore so I love a good steak, preferably with a great single malt.  Also, being in marketing, I’m amazed at the revolution in retailing.  For example, I love Uniqlo’s products for their combination of style, materials, and price.

Current Passions:

Independent film, travel, single malt scotch, my family.