Tarık Temuçìn: GM of The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing

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Tarık Temuçìn is the General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing, one of the leading hotels within the luxury market. Tarik’s career with The Ritz-Carlton began 15 years ago in the Food and Beverage discipline at The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, and most recently as the Hotel Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing. Tarik graduated from The Maltepe University Turkey and obtained a Master of Business Administration.

What do you do best?

I think my biggest strength is working with people be it my team or guests to meet their needs. To be an hotelier, one must have a passion for people and a sincere interest in them.

What makes you the best? 

On a daily basis, I am involved in guiding; grooming our ladies and gentlemen and watching them grow which is tremendously fulfilling.

Biggest success?

On a different level, watching our ladies and gentlemen in turn, go out and create memorable experiences for our guests is genuinely touching and I think that this makes us the best team and a success.

What are your aspirations?

I firmly believe that we spend our lives living for the next generation, be it our sons and daughters or for the next team that comes onboard to take over the reins. I hope to leave a life story that my daughters will be proud to tell, I hope to leave a professional legacy that will inspire the next generation of hoteliers.

Most challenging moment?

The myth that hoteliers sleep very little is true...! I think the most challenging moment I have is when I realize that there just aren't enough hours in a day. When you love your work and feel passionately about it, you naturally want to invest as much time and energy as you can in it. Being in the 24-hour business, there is always something to do, an email to reply to, a guest to meet. It is challenging when we need stretch the time we have as much as possible to get everything we want done.

Favorite Motto:

"What Keeps Me Going Is Goals" - Muhammad Ali

Favorite People:

My wife and my daughters, spending time with them is always such a joy.

Favorite Places:

Florence because as is famous for its history and also as the "cradle of the Renaissance" for its monuments, churches, and buildings. Aside from such monuments, Florence contains numerous major squares and streets; is a great location of the cultural cafes and bourgeois palaces. Last, Florence is the most important city in Tuscany, one of the great wine-growing regions in the world.

Favorite Product:

My favorite products are always changing and is never ending, as I like to travel and to try new products from the local markets and experience new tastes for example currently my inspiration comes from olive oil, I attended a tasting and just found the flavor profile of olive oil is similar to wine, so in turn I am going through an Italian discovery again with its cheeses, pastas and olive oils, so depending on where we go next could inspire another flavor profile and add another favorite product to my list.

Current Passions:

In my job, I have been privileged to try many extraordinary wines and have developed a hobby of tasting wines and exploring especially New World wines.