Jonathan Matos: Realtor Associate, Douglas Elliman

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Long time South Florida resident, Jonathan Matos has a unique perspective of the value of the city's real estate based on a personal connection to the area and the neighborhoods and cultures that make it special. By understanding each area's lifestyle and feel, he guides his clients to the best fit for their real estate needs. Prior to his move into real estate, Jonathan spent eight years working in finance and purchasing, including high-level business analysis, negotiation and decision making. This trained attention to detail helps clients successfully negotiate and complete their real estate transactions. An expert in contracts and negotiations, he makes sure his clients experience a seamless transaction, taking the stress out of the deal.

Born in Los Angeles, Jonathan has lived in Miami for more than 20 years. Jonathan is a "foodie", passionate about the local culinary scene from the hottest five-star South Beach restaurant to the neighborhood pubs in Wynwood and everything in between. He stays abreast of world news and current events and is an avid sports fan. He attended Valley City State University in Valley City, ND on a football scholarship where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

( 7 Harbor Point - Key Biscayne, FL)

What do you do best?

Listening. In our business you need to be a great listener. It allows you to understand your client’s needs, whether it’s a buyer looking for particular details on property they are purchasing, or an ultra-luxury client who is emotionally attached to the house they are selling and is very particular about how we market their home. They may be adamant about making sure we qualify potential buyers and keep all parts of the transaction confidential. When showing a property, I always let the prospective buyer speak and listen closely to what they have to say. They could divulge several clues that can potentially help me close the sale down the road.

What makes you the best?

Anticipation and Market Knowledge.  I use my business acumen and background to anticipate issues that may arise during the transaction. If any issue were to arise I’m ready with a plan of action, and my clients and I are not caught off guard. I feel this set’s me apart from many agents. Look, sometimes as agents we need to deliver bad news. No one likes to, but it’s the nature of our business. I always prep my clients on certain scenarios that might come up, so when you inform them of the issues at hand, it softens the blow, and they are more receptive and will move on quicker to finding the solution to the problem. In-depth market knowledge is something that I’m big on. My market is Key Biscayne. I make it a point to know about every home or condo that hits the market, closes, or closes off market. I crave information and knowledge especially when it comes to my market. The old adage is true “Knowledge is Power”. Does all this make me the best? That’s yet to be determined.

Biggest success?

My Biggest success has been landing the listing 7 Harbor Point on Key Biscayne ($21,000,000) the premier property in Key Biscayne. One of the very few ultra-luxury properties in South Florida with a private beach and dock for your yacht. Few properties have a private beach, many have dock space, but almost none have both. Also, I’m very proud to start working alongside some high profile real estate developers in South Florida. Helping them secure job sites for future developments.

What are your aspirations?

My aspirations both personal and professional kind of mix together. I want to be known to have a stellar reputation. I don’t want to give any client, broker or anyone a reason to say something negative about me professionally. I want all my clients to have the absolute best home buying/selling experience with me. I also want other agents to enjoy brokering a deal with me so that we can work together in the future. Finally, in the distant future, I would like to start building homes and commercial spaces. We’ll see.  

Most challenging moment?

I once represented an elderly couple selling their home that they lived in for 45+ years. They were extremely attached to the home which is completely understandable. We actually came to agreement 3 different times to sell the home, only for them to back out of the contract the day of signing. This was extremely challenging but you just need to talk to them try and put yourself in their shoes and understand them. The great thing is they never felt pressured so eventually they came around. It took longer than normal but it happened.

Favorite Motto:

I have 2 mottos. Well one is a saying that I read in an article once, and it’s always stuck with me. “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”. I also like the motto K.I.S.  Keep.It.Sexy.

Favorite People:

My favorite people are also the most influential in my life: my parents and grandparents, and my godfather and godmother.

Favorite Places:

I’m very simple when it comes to my favorite places. All I need is hot weather and a beach. Fortunately I live in Miami and we have that all year around. But if I ever wanted to venture off we have the Caribbean Island’s very close. I love the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and the Virgin Islands. No need to jet away around the world. I have tropical paradise in my backyard.

Favorite Products:

Any cooking gadget from William Sonoma. I’ll spend hours in that store learning about all the new culinary gadgets.

All things Tom Ford! I’m a big fan of American Fashion designers Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren.

And of course…. My IPhone

Current Passions:

Cooking! Love it! It’s a passion of mine! And a huge stress reliever. I love to entertain by making fresh meals from scratch. I love to shrink my meals. Make everything bite size. Whether it is bit size burgers, tacos, lasagnas, or even bites size pasta cups, and pairing it with a good drink or wine. Remember when dining  K.I.S.