Jamie Tworkowski: Founder of To Write Love on Her Arms & Author of NY Times Bestseller “If You Feel Too Much”

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Founder of To Write Love on Her Arms, Author of NY Times Bestseller “If You Feel Too Much

What do you do best?

i don’t give any thought to being the best and i definitely don’t consider myself the best at what i do. But i enjoy writing and speaking and working on the creative aspects of TWLOHA.

What makes you the best?

I don’t consider myself the best but i do feel like i’m supposed to communicate. i try to be honest and i do my best to word things in a way that is poetic and encouraging. I'm wired more like an artist. Life is not a contest. There’s plenty of room for everyone. i just want to use my gifts to express myself and i want to help other people in the process.

What are your aspirations?

To have a family, to write another book, to continue to lead TWLOHA in a way that moves people to get help and to choose to stay alive.



“I dare you to move” - Switchfoot


My family and friends. Bono is my favorite person outside of folks i know. Jon Foreman, Donald Miller & Bob Hurley also inspire and encourage me.


Australia’s Gold Coast, France, NYC, Los Angeles


TWLOHA, Hurley, Apple, Channel Islands Surfboards


Surfing, Basketball, Music, Writing