Kevin Courtney: Yoga Teacher & Co Founder, The Bridge Practice

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Kevin Courtney has dedicated the last 20 years to the pursuit of awakening consciousness by focusing on strength, energy cultivation, and mental clarity. Co-Founder of The Bridge Practice which fuses Yoga, Qi Gong, Vedanta and Taoism, Kevin opens hearts and minds with a down to earth style full of authenticity, kindness, and light-heartedness.  VOGUE Magazine called The Bridge, “The enlightenment workout,” and rated one of his offerings, “6 Best Retreats.”  He teaches annually at the Bonnaroo Musical Festival, is co-director for the Boston Yoga School advanced yoga studies program, and is a meditation and wellness consultant for corporate executives.

What do you do best?

One of my strongest assets is my ability to listen, be receptive and respond to my surroundings in a spontaneous and effective way.

What makes you the best?

In any given moment, whether it’s working one on one with my executive clients, facilitating group sessions, or leading retreats,  I am in a constant state of receptivity and deep listening.  

What I mean by deep listening is attuning my awareness to subtle shifts in the individual or group depending on the circumstance.   The subtle shifts can be physical, emotional, mental or intellectual and those fluctuations provide precisely the information I need to reach the objective.

Most often that objective is to awaken a unified state of body, mind, intelligence and consciousness in the practitioner.  In other words, an awakened state of Yoga.

My goal as a facilitator is to help people experience themselves as connected, authentic, and whole. In order to do this I act as mirror (and the yoga acts as mirror) which enables the practitioner to see themselves.  For better or worse.  

It is in this ‘seeing’ where yoga offers it’s medicine.  And while it may take some time to learn the art of being receptive to what is truly present, it’s an invaluable skill that leads to experiencing yourself and others in greater totality.

Nine times out of ten when someone experiences themselves as whole (as opposed to fragmented) a felt sense of connection to the collective arises. This experience over time cultivates qualities like compassion, understanding, and a natural drive towards social responsibilty.  

What are your aspirations?

I aspire to further the level of awareness, self-knowledge and receptivity of those who operate in high level, decision making positions.  

One of the most meaningful aspects in my work with CEO's is seeing the effect an awakened leader can have on an organization.  

My biggest aspiration is to help shift the paradigm of how businesses do business and promote the notion that living an awakened and self-aware life can actually lead to greater success both individually and as an organization.

Thought leaders and business leaders all over the world are beginning to understand the value tools like meditation and the positive impact this can have on their business.  

It’s a moment in time I’ve been looking forward to for many years.

Biggest Success?

Being able to love with my whole heart.  

Let me give this some context, because that statement could easily be misread as a banal and empty platitude.

My dad died when I was eight. I suffered deeply, yet maintained a relatively neutral exterior to save face.  As I grew up I felt deepening levels of grief, anger and sadness.

Over time a silent resentment and anger built up.  

That experience wounded an aspect of my heart which inhibited my ability to love fully.

The grief solidified and blocked my ability to express myself in a vulnerable way.

I created an armor of protection and spent decades not fully capable of offering or receiving love to any degree of depth.  Relationships failed again and again.

Seeing all of it (through the lens of yoga and meditation) began to shift the condition.

In becoming present and receptive to my pain, I created an environment which allowed me to accept it, become accountable in relationship to myself and others, and discover the hidden and powerful strength in vulnerability.

Once I gained that level of understanding, my capacity to love exponentially increased.

Hands down, my biggest success is my ability to love fully.

Most Challenging Moment?

When I was twenty two years old my hands caught on fire in a grease fire and almost had my thumbs and index fingers amputated.  It was the most physically painful experience in my life.  And psychologically it was brutal.

Out of a team of six doctors, it was one nurse who told me I might have the use of my hands some day and shouldn’t do the operation.  I listened to her, and I’m grateful for that woman every day of my life.

I didn’t have the use of my hands for over a year, but eventually fully recovered.

That experience altered the course of my life and is in part why I do what I do in the world today.

Favorite Motto?

Pura Vida

Favorite People?

Those who take responsibility for what they bring to the table - both light and shadow.

Favorite Places?

Quiet and immersed in nature.  And any place with good surf.

Favorite Products?

Temple Tumeric - Coconut Elixer and Bullet Brew (high vibration drinks)

Gonca Style (clothing designer)

John Varvatos (clothing designer)

Young Living Essential Oils

Current Passions?

Global Citizenship