Laurie ‘Lady Yoga’ Searle: Yoga Teacher, Author, & Philanthropist

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Laurie ‘ Lady Yoga’ Searle has been teaching Yoga (E-RYT 500), fitness training (NASM) and a massage practitioner for almost two decades, leads teacher trainings nationally & internationally through her school, Firefly Yoga & Massage & is the founder of F.E.D. Fight Eating Disorders ,a 501(c)(3) non-profit, offering assistance for those suffering from eating disorders. She is a journalist, actor and creator/writer of the comic strip and animations of Lady Yoga, Superhero and the host of 'Yoga Quickies’ on YouTube Her first book, Superhero Yoga - 'Above and Beyond the Mat', is done and lookin’ for publication. 

What do you do best?

Making the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as entertaining, humorous and accessible as possible when I teach.

What makes you the best?

I find yoga in everything.  Standing in line at the grocery store, getting stuck in traffic – I’m limitlessly creative and tirelessly driven.  I’m not the yogi that can stand on their hands with one leg over their head in a bikini.  I have a strong practice but one that is like everyone else – tight from years of running and doubt and skepticism – because I grew up a Catholic New Yorker, middle child, fat kid.  I am lucky in that I live for all things fitness.  I love working out and I know a lot of people do not.  So, it’s my mission to make it as fun and easy to plug in a bit of cardio or yummy stretch into your daily routine so that you can live longer and have a strong happy life. It’s also a great way to bond with family and friends.

What are your aspirations?

To publish Lady Yoga, Superhero – Above and Beyond the Mat book, my kids book, Fruits In The City and my Graphic Novel – The Choice which is about Eating Disorder Recovery.

Biggest Success?

I guess it depends on what one thinks of as success but publishing my comic strip in magazines nationally and internationally was my greatest joy.  Writing is my first and biggest passion besides yoga and the fact that I could merge them together just made me so happy.  

Most Challenging Moment?

Moving through the stages of grief when my dad was sick then passed was the hardest thing I have lived through.  Teaching during that time was also raw but provided me with a lot of fuel and energy that I needed to get through.  I also think it lent to more accessibility to my students because I was so vulnerable.  Through that tough time, I created Lady Yoga, Superhero because I had to tap into my inner superhero to be strong and have courage.  


Leave room – I got that from my dad when he taught me how to drive.  He was a driver in NYC and said that the only way to work with traffic is to leave room between cars so that cars in other lanes could drift in and out instead of bumper to bumper which just causes stress and creates congestion.  

I leave room between words, bites and everything in between to allow space and flow.  ‘In Your Divine Light, I reflect.’  I have a strong faith in a higher power.  As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder after several relapses, the 12-step system was integral in what I consider my ‘final’ recovery.   So when I get really down, selfish or hopeless, I look to that ‘force’ or ‘power’ so I can behave in my highest purpose and do the best service I can in the world.  

I also say, ‘At the end of the day….’ and ‘Am I right or am I right!’ like, all the time.

Favorite People/Role Models?

My mother is my role model for sure.  

I have always looked up to Oprah and even had a blog for a while called Dear Oprah where I would just write to her and b-tch or talk about my life.  I always thought she was the queen of all media and I have wanted the same for me too.  

I think Sia is one of my favorite singers and songwriters of all time.  Jennifer Weiner is my safe haven of Chic Lit….when life get’s heavy, I pick up her books.  

Carol Burnett and Tracey Ullman have always been my comedic north stars.  I love the variety they put in their characters while also keeping their quirky personalities so obvious.  

Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite Chic lit authors.  She is my escape when my head is too far down the rabbit hole of documentaries, politics, textbooks for trainings and all things serious.

David Sedaris is my soul writer.  I sometimes think I’m him.  Voice and all.  

Favorite Places/Destinations?

I live in Nicaragua part time as I have a yoga and massage studio there.  It’s a little island off the coast called, Little Corn.  It’s a very special place with unique and special people I like to call family and home.  I’m a huge fan of Santa Monica and New York because they are also my home and family. All three are tattooed on my bod.   As for exotic and far off – I have an obsession with Greece and the Seychelles.  When I get there, I can die happy.  

Every year since I was 16 I have said I will go somewhere I have never been and do something I have never done.  I’m happy to say I have stuck to that intention every year.  Sometimes its not always a far off land – it may be a never experienced emotion or situation in my life…but I’m very lucky to be well traveled.  I am afflicted with the Wanderlust, that is for sure.

Favorite Products/Objects?

I get bored very easily but I adore all of my Teeki pants, my Egyptian Night Magic Cream, Dry shampoo, Dentyne Pure Gum and I sleep with a stuffed clown every night.  Clowns are scary but Clowny has a great personality and makes everyone laugh.  He always knows which boyfriends are goners and which ones are worthy of long term.  

Current Passions?

I must run or do yoga every day.  I’m obsessed with all things dance mashups and am constantly looking for pop song remixes I can move to for long periods of time.  There’s a couple of dj’s I follow on YouTube and just devour their songs every time they post.  I also have a maj girl crush on ‘the holy trinity…it’s three girls with three separate channels on You Tube that have me peeing my pants on a nightly basis.  When I feel lonely, I literally hit them up like they are my besties and watch them act like goof balls.  Gosh that makes me sound sad, but they don’t judge me so that makes me happy.

I love putting together videos for other people.  I have a new series on my YouTube channel called Yoga Quickies where viewers tell me what they want and I show it to them in five minutes or less.  If you can’t fit five minutes of exercise in your day you’ve got a lot more problems I can’t help you with!!