Dorit Jaffe: Holistic nutrition counselor & food & wellness writer

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Dorit Jaffe is a certified holistic nutrition and corporate wellness counselor working with people to implement healthier eating habits, manage stress, and heal digestive issues, for good. She creates personalized meal plans based on one's body type and health goals. Dorit also has experience working with restaurants on menu curation and recipe development. By emphasizing quality ingredients and balancing the dish offerings she is able to achieve the optimal nutrition benefits for customers. In addition, Dorit is cofounder of Anzan, a cultural wellness retreat taking place in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala twice a year. Dorit is a published food and wellness writer who has been featured on Ivanka Trump’s website as one of the Women Who Work and written for Tastemade, Yahoo! Beauty, and  Clean Program.

What do you do best?

I’m a great listener. I’m genuinely interested in what my clients or friends are struggling with and going through in their lives, and want to help guide them in the best way possible.

What makes you the best?

I work well with others; I love networking and collaborating with other like-minded people. This has brought me a lot of success because it has allowed me to partner with different companies and people and offer my wellness services, consulting services, and social media content development. I’ve learned you can’t get anywhere on your own, it’s all about partnering with the right people that support your vision.

What are your aspirations?

My business goals are to grow my health and wellness services to a point where I can work from anywhere in the world (isn’t that the dream?!). I’d love to open a wellness center in the future in the Hudson Valley, where I grew up, and balance my time between city life and country life. My personal aspirations are to develop a balance with work and fun, and always have time to invest in myself, with learning more, treating myself to trips and health treatments, and also painting and experimenting more with art, as I’ve always loved to create.  

Biggest Success?

Realizing my passion of working in the health industry and spreading my positive message of healing ones relationship with themselves and food, and seeing it through.

Most Challenging Moment?

Working for myself and speaking to different entrepreneurs and recognized companies in potentially partnering and working together, however these exciting projects don’t always work out. Disappointment comes with many things, but this is something I’ve learned to accept and know there will be more exciting projects to work on in the future that I hope will work out. This is always a challenge for me to deal with and accept.


“I love myself more than anyone else can.” I say this to myself over and over again whenever I feel like I need love and strength.

Favorite People/Role Models?

Wellness role models of mine are Kriss Carr and Gabby Bernstein because they live and promote an authentic message that has brought them so much peace and happiness in their lives.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

One place I hold near and dear to my heart is Lake, Atitlan Guatemala where I organize and co-host wellness retreats called Anzan. It’s a spiritual and naturally beautiful area that’s located on a volcano-ringed lake.

Favorite Products/Objects?

I don’t go anywhere especially traveling without my probiotics! I also am in love with Evanhealy skincare products, they are an Ayurveda all natural face products that do wonders to your skin!

Current Passions?

Creative writing articles that resonate with things I’m going through in life as well as other people. I’ve recently been more focused on living authentically and sending that message out into the world.