Amy Wolfe: Yoga/Pilates Teacher

My NativeAdVantage:


Born and raised in Mexico City, Amy Wolfe first fell in love with yoga at the age of fifteen. It wasn't, however, until Amy's second year at NYU School of Law that she began to understand its power. After graduating from law school and very confused about her life's next step, Amy listened to a growing desire to deepen her own connection with her body and breath by enrolling in a 200-hour Teacher Training Program. Finding courage through her practice, Amy promptly decided to ditch a career in a law for one in health, mindfulness, and wellness. Eager to learn more about the body, Amy has since completed additional trainings, including Prenatal Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Mat & Reformer Pilates.

What do you do best?

I pursue what makes me happy. That entails a few things: first, introspecting and thoughtfully analyzing exactly what those things are; second, strategizing on how best to reach where I’d like to be; third, accepting when my strategy fails and reacting by creating and executing plans B, C, and maybe even D.

What makes you the best?

My pursuit is patient. Over the years, and largely through my yoga practice, I have learned the value of patience and being present. I no longer rush to find answers, and I never stop asking questions.

What are your aspirations?

Aspirations have gotten me into some trouble in the past (I’ve historically been a little too ambitious and driven) – they can often make me lose focus by forcing my vision too far forward. Instead, I aspire to live every day doing mostly what I want to do. Teaching, practicing, nurturing relationships that are important to me, eating well (and often decadently), smiling, and remaining open to the unknown.

Maybe one day I’ll get to exactly and leave behind the mostly.

Biggest Success?

Becoming a yoga/pilates teacher. My “prior” life was largely lived on terms that were not my own, following a path that was not of my own making or choosing. Finding the strength to forge a trail that was less clear, less secure, and often less welcoming has been my greatest success.

Most Challenging Moment?

When I was around nine, my parents had a very messy divorce. Shortly thereafter, my only sibling went away to boarding school. These were the first meaningful challenges of my life, whose effects continue to be felt to this day.


I’ve always been a fan of Nike’s slogan: Just do it.

I think I’ve gotten relatively good at that one – here’s the one I’m really working on:

“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.” – Yoga Bhajan

Favorite People/Role Models?

My mama.

My grandmother (not technically related) who has always said: if you can count your friends on one hand, you will be lucky.

And those five friends (I got really lucky).

Favorite Places/Destinations?

My yoga mat. Hiking pretty much anywhere. Baths. Airplanes. Kitchens.

Favorite Products/Objects?

My yoga mat (do you see a pattern?).

I have real thing for my daily facial products (La Roche Posay).

Tempur-Pedic pillows. GTs Kombucha. Aura Cacia Geranium Essential Oil.

Current Passions?

Teaching yoga + Pilates. Breathing. Cooking without a recipe.