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Andrea Marcum is a former gymnast originally from Santa Cruz, California. She has been practicing yoga now for about nineteen years and teaching for seventeen. You can check out her online classes at My Yoga Gaia. She is a contributing writer for lululemon, Gaiam, LA Yoga Magazine, Mantra Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Origin and others. Shape, NFL Network, Los Angeles Times, Huff Post, Qantas Inflight, Self, C Magazine and Mantra have featured her and she has been called a Rock Star & one of The Best 8 Yoga Teachers in LA. Andrea founded U Studio in Los Angeles in 2006 and ran if for 9 years. She now teaches in LA at Yogaworks, and internationally at festivals, workshops and retreats. You can find her LA, workshop and retreat schedules here. Be sure to look for her book Close To OM published by St Martin’s Press in 2017.

What do you do best?

I’m a connector. It’s what lights me up the most.

What makes you the best?

Ooof… I can only hope that I’m the best at being me :)

What are your aspirations?

* I aspire to keep learning.

* After my dental appointment yesterday, I aspire to be a better flosser.

* And right now I’m in the thick of writing my book, Close To OM, which will be published by St. Martin’s Press in 2017, so I definitely aspire to write the best book I possibly can.

Most Challenging Moment?

I was dumped unceremoniously. My boyfriend at the time told me, “If I ended up with you I’d be settling.”

Biggest Success?

Instead of feeling ruined by his insulting words, I was galvanized. My (then pretty new) yoga practice was revealing to me that challenges could be opportunities (pradikpaksha bvhavanan). Yoga became my buoy in a sea of zero self-esteem. It led me away from staring at the bottom and towards a better way.


How you do your yoga is how you do your life.

Favorite People/Role Models?

Dominic Pietrangelo is the best friend and husband a girl could ask for. I am blessed with amazing family, friends, teachers, students, opportunities and an extraordinary community. In fact, for 9 years I had my own studio here in LA and I called it U Studio for the Unity and community that built it with me. I am profoundly grateful.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

Those I’ve not yet seen.

Favorite Products/Objects?

lululemon Align crop 

Mala Collective I am Peace bracelet

Kari Gran face cleaning oil 

Santa Maria Novella bath salts 

Saje Natural Wellness

Silverback Coffee of Rwanda

Current Passions?

Using my book Close To OM as a vehicle to collaborate as a collective with innovators like:

A Place Called Home here in South Central Los Angeles. The incredible direction and creativity they inspire in a community with limited resources is uplifting in ways that resonate universally.

Here to Be – lululemon’s       

Women for Women

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