Kimberly Lackey: Founder of EMPATH Coaching & Integrative Health Coach

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Kimberly Lackey is the Founder of EMPATH Coaching and an Integrative Health Coach. EMPATH is Kim's approach to guiding others to stay on or get back to their right path, while building a life they love both mentally and physically. She works with individuals and families through coaching, nutritional counseling, motivational speaking and more. Through self-discovery, Kim hopes to cause a ripple effect in healthcare that spreads positivity and uplifts people to be their best selves. She is a nationally published author and speaker in the health and wellness community.

What do you do best?

I can see almost anything from someone’s perspective and empathize.   My ability to feel deeply for another human’s experiences and guide them toward a healthier, happier life is what I do best.

What makes you the best?

I’m human; I feel scared and uncertain but I don’t let fear control me or my decisions. I ask myself where the fear comes from and figure out a way to move through it. People around me – my family, friends, colleagues, etc. – always say, “Kim really has it together” or they express that I am always happy. However, I encounter the same life challenges as everyone else, I just refuse to let fear or pessimism be in the driver’s seat. A foundational belief that drives me today is that living in fear is not living. I ask and reach out for help when I am in need because I can not do what I do alone. I approach all things from a space of love.

What are your aspirations?

Being able to share my life story – my challenges and successes – with audiences and hopefully inspiring others to get on their right path and discover their life purpose. My passion is speaking and educating others, and I aim to empower people to believe in themselves. Through self-discovery, I hope to cause a ripple effect in healthcare that spreads positivity and uplifts people to be their best selves. Helping people believe in themselves, helps me believe in myself.


Biggest Success?

Learning to walk again and use my limbs when doctors said I wouldn’t. Then later, finishing a triathlon.

Most Challenging Moment?

Turning away from western medicine when I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis.  I was living in excruciating physical pain – unable to walk or even squeeze a shampoo bottle – and my only option with western medicine was to take pain pills, steroids, and live on biological drugs to suppress my immune system.  I previously had lymphoma and worked hard to strengthen my immune system after chemo. If I had followed my doctor’s recommendation to suppress my immune system via drugs, it could have brought me out of remission for lymphoma – something I most likely would not survive again. So even though I was in tremendous pain, I knew I could fight through it and opted for more holistic methods and detoxing to treat my arthritis. It took several years to rid me of my pain and reduce inflammation so I could have my body back.  Today, I am 100% cured and I take zero pharmaceuticals.


“Living and acting out of fear is not living”

Favorite People/Role Models?

Steve Jobs - I loved his ability to bring art and technology together even when no one believed in him. His determination is legendary. One of my favorite all-time quotes is one of his, “Fail early and often.”

Lissa Rankin - Her ability to be real and raw, and share her journey to discovering her true calling has been an inspiration of mine. Her books on healing through overcoming emotional blocks and the power of intention were life changing for me. She is a pioneer in combining western medicine with mystical thinking.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love Maui and have spent 4 years of my life there. I love the Rocky Mountains. The ocean. If I am by rocky cliffs on the ocean, I am in heaven.

Favorite Products/Objects?

My journals, dream catchers, essential oils, artwork, Ling Freeze and Uncrease, shoes

Current Passions?

Traveling, improv, writing, gardening or anything where I can get my hands dirty, spiritual reading, learning, helping people through my work