My NativeAdVantage:


We are originally from Offerle, Kansas which has a population of 200 people (the nearest famous city is probably Dodge City which is about 20 miles away). We are working closely with Rockhaven Films to create the Burghart Brothers’ first feature film Follow The Leader. Follow The Leader is currently raising funds online on Kickstarter. We started making films when we were 8 and 10 years old in the late 1990s. We mostly did action movies, tv commercial spoofs, and films with action figures (think Action League Now or Robot Chicken). As we got into high school we made a few genre shorts like westerns, 80’s Knight Rider spoofs, buddy comedies, and more action films. We both attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas for college. In Lawrence we participated in a bi-annual 48 hour film festival competition that would have a summer event with different specified genres and a horror competition every October. We participated in that for about 8 years and through that competition we made a lot of connections in the local film community. We currently collaborate very closely with a local Lawrence production company named Rockhaven films (Josh Doke, Iain Trimble, Edward Schroer). We have shot several short films with them and they are in post production of their first feature film Goodland.

What do you do best?

We have welcomed an unhealthy influx of influences from film, television, comics, and video games throughout our lives that we are able to recognize, deconstruct, and subvert/remix story tropes so that our ideas are fresh and unique to our style. We only create content that we ourselves enjoy, we never waiver our personal spin on a project in order for it to be more user friendly. Which in a nut shell means we have seen too many movies and played too much Nintendo and Super Nintendo as kids.

What makes you the best?

We are our harshest critics, since we are brothers, you can multiply that harness by two to account for inherent family judgement.

What are your aspirations?

Make a feature length film before we are 30…and then make another…and another…and another…

Biggest Success?

Started to make films when we are 10 and 8 years old, and the fact that we stuck with it for almost 20 years is an accomplishment. So many people stop doing something they love because they feel they need to “grow up” or someone tells them to “grow up”.

Most Challenging Moment?

Every moment of every high school basketball practice.


Work Hard, Rest Hard

Favorite People/Role Models?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Bittel, Client Liaison

Favorite Places/Destinations?

Mt. Princeton hot springs in Colorado and El Charros mexican restaurant in Dodge City, Kansas

Favorite Products/Objects?

Necco Waffers: Nothing gets a conversation going more than asking someone if they have tried Necco Waffers

Current Passions?

The third season of the TV show Black Mirror, trying to keep up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s filming schedule, and watching every action movie Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jaune Claude Van Damme each ever made.