My NativeAdVantage:

Bio: J.MAK doesn’t think it’s all about just a great hotel room. There is much more to it, where Hospitality meets Personality. Please meet the Personalities behind the Hospitality of these great places and spaces. J.MAK Hospitality is a brand that emphasizes the importance of relationships, social media, constant activity, and most importantly, success. J.MAK helps clients find their individual flair, relax, feel confident and stand out from the herd. Clients learn to trust their instinct and create their mark, focusing on what makes their property or service so attractive and unique.  We work together combining our passion for the industry that is so deeply embedded in us.


What do you do best?

Respond with lighting speed and efficiency, it’s exactly what our clients want and need on both ends of the spectrum, travel advisors as well as hoteliers and partners.

What makes you the best?

If you do not believe you are the best everyday there is no reason to get out of bed.  J.MAK is the best, there is no question! As a company we are completely organic, have never approached a client all referrals from happy campers within our brand! We do much more than the others, a bit of everything.

What are your aspirations?

Wow, great question, to retire? Honestly, it’s really about being remembered, whether from your last visit or forever after we are gone.  Making a difference, an impact, making people feel good, that is what it’s all about.

Biggest Success?

For sure the biggest success is creating jobs for those I love, no better accomplishment, period!

Most Challenging Moment?

Starting my own brand, scared, petrified of failure, fear of leaving a stable secure position for so long in the industry.  Really very difficult but clearly the right decision for me!


HOSPITALITY. PERSONALITY. Making people feel good, that is my motto!

Favorite People/Role Models?

My Mom for sure, she was one of the first women VP’s ever in publishing, I made VP just a few months before she did at the same age! My first boss, Lilian Wagner, she taught me even how to answer the phone correctly and leave the best voice message. Kerry Flowers, a marketing genius, really inspired me! 

Favorite Places/Destinations?

France, Mexico, California and my home in the Hudson Valley, the perfect escape from New York!

Favorite Products/Objects?

My BlackBerry for email, the best invention ever, so fast, efficient, still amazing and no typos! My SUV, safe, comfortable, fun to drive and great for conference calls with Bluetooth of course, especially during NYC street cleaning!  

Current Passions?

My 16 month old baby boy Cannen, never did I think I could be married, nor have a child. God bless America! Oh and my new Airstream Basecamp, currently on order, can’t wait to drive it cross country to see all my adoring fans! :)