Esteban Salazar: Founder, Krama Yoga

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Internationally well-known, highly qualified teacher, Esteban Salazar, teaches diverse Vinyasa classes combining a profound knowledge of human biomechanics; techniques to pump up the body’s flow of pranic energy and find the optimal blue print for each pose, all the while creating a poetic sense of personalized teaching. Mixing a wide variety of yoga styles and insight from his 13 years as a teacher, Esteban has created his own signature yoga style called “Krama Vinyasa.”  Krama Vinyasa classes draw upon Esteban’s 17+ years of practicing yoga; the teachings of many high profile yoga presenters he has hosted at his studio, as well as his in depth understanding of asana.  In a Krama Vinyasa class you will experience an inner opening, an eclectic assortment of postures, a feeling of flying, but in a very safe way, aligning your body in a very intelligent way.

What do you do best?

Hi, I’m very good with inspiring others, I’m very good with business and rational actions, I’m very good teaching yoga because I love it, and love sports in general.

What makes you the best?

I’m not the best, I try to be the best without express it.., I’m very good in creating things, what I do, is see my competition as not competition, we produce twice a year festival in my studio which is very big, and I invite all my competition, to show the Kula-community and rest to teachers there’s enough abundance for all. 

What are your aspirations?

My personal aspirations are become each day more sensitive, because I’m very strong in all sense, and my business goal is keep opening studios, keep expanding the energy of help people and contribute in there light.

Biggest Success?

At this time, I have the biggest yoga studio in Latin America, and I don’t know any studio in the world this big, years ago I use this as a tool of marketing but not anymore and the reason is to get more humble each time.

Most Challenging Moment?

I’m very happy with my life, sometimes I struggle in finance’s because of the huge corporation we have, so my intention of 2016 has being simplicity and that’s my direction, even do I’m happy and abundance is always there.


Simplicity is the art of greatness

Favorite People/Role Models?

Believe it or not I don’t follow people, now on this world of social media, I follow people to see the trend and make business, and learn but now I’m more mature and I stop seeing people up, I see them in the same scale I don’t mind how famous or rich they are, because I met dozens of people with this characteristics. 

Favorite Places/Destinations?

Love my country Costa Rica, love places with good food, love Asia and there history and culture, I try to see the good first this mean all places has magic, all!

Favorite Products/Objects?

I love a great mat, I love to have abundance in the same scale of simplicity, so luxurious yes, but down to earth, and if I don’t have somethnkg luxurious I don’t care if it has light, if its clean, if its teach, if its help the earth.

Current Passions?

Yoga, surf, learn, share, love, intensity, nature, travel, hug, inspire others.