Laurent Roure: Yoga Teacher RYT 500

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Laurent Roure is a RYT 500 hrs registered teacher with Yoga Alliance in the UK. He began practicing yoga in the early 90’s, focusing on the Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow styles. Following many years of dedicated practice, he realised that he needed to move further inside himself. He got introduced to the work of Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga and met with teachers like John Stirk, Su Sareen, and Gary Carter who all helped liberate his thinking and taught him how to express himself more during his own practice and his teaching. He  termed his classes “Mindful Hatha yoga” where pranayama and breath work, meditation and yoga Nidra, and of course, postures and movements are practiced and taught with simplicity and great awareness. It is not a new style of yoga as such, but a tool that can be used beside  all styles of yoga. It encompasses teaching us to tune in a little more to our consciousness and our physicality and developing a clear awareness about ourselves during a yoga class and maybe, during our day to day life. Laurent teaches in the UK and Worldwide, classes, workshops, and retreats.

What do you do best?

Improvising and creating with whatever I have at my disposal, either on the yoga mat or in the kitchen (cooking being another passion of mine). For me it is the same, I have ingredients and I blend them together to offer the best possible mix. I try my best to be creative and adaptable in all situations and environments. Teaching has been a real discovery in my later life and not just yoga but I have also gotten into teaching people patisserie skills. I am passionate about sharing my passions with people of all ages, races, sexualities and genders. I love encouraging and supporting people around me by staying uplifted and available at all times - even in challenging and tough moments.

What makes you the best?

People are drawn to my classes because I show them my passion for my work and the knowledge I have acquired through many years of constant practice and studies. A teacher should be completely dedicated and utterly interested with their work. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I live and breathe my work and my yoga practice. I teach from the depth of my heart and my stomach and my students feel it and want to share it with me. I am able to fully adapt an old tradition to a more modern yogic approach without shifting away too much from the core and the tradition of yoga. I am curious and want to constantly share my findings with others. I am approachable and my teachings are accessible to everyone. I refuse to put people in a box with levels or styles, with modern (or old) gurus or ideologies, with deities or gods.

What are your aspirations?

To make others happy by bringing them the right tools and the right ingredients. Loving and supporting my family and my wonderful husband. Keeping my students happy and in a safe place. To keep learning and bringing my knowledge to those who want it. Ambitions are a funny thing: too much of it can make you unhappy, striving for more and more, over developing one’s ego and self-importance. Earth would be a greater place if we could aspire for simple contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Biggest Success?

Beside several voluntary and involuntary but successful changes of careers, my biggest success is to be able to bring yoga to children. I believe that yoga is enormously beneficial at a young age and during the difficult path of being a teenager. I am learning to understand their needs and I really see how it helps them through those years of emotional and physical changes. And reciprocally, they are teaching me so much and bringing me so much joy!

My other great succes is to have the freedom to offer yoga and its tools in my way, through my own methods encouraged by my teachers and mentors. It is a real success to see the faces of my students understanding and grasping what I am giving and sharing.

Most Challenging Moment?

Losing my businesses during the worldwide 2008-09 recession. Losing everything, accepting defeat, moving away from a long life passion and hitting rock bottom was the hardest and the most eye opening event in my entire life. It changed my attitude towards life and reinforced my belief that life is very precious and that we need to cherish every moment. But without those dark moments, I would not be where I am now, teaching yoga and sharing my experiences with others.


I always say in my classes, yoga is all about the radically simple, the personal and nothing else. The journey you will embark upon when giving yourself to the practice of yoga is yours and yours alone.

Favorite People/Role Models?

Krishnamurti, Vanda Scaravelli, John Stirk, Gary Carter, my mentors, my past teachers, my husband and my mum, dad and sister.

Favorite Places/Destinations?

Anywhere with my loved ones, at home in South London, and les Cevennes in France where my family roots are deeply planted.

Favorite Products/Objects?

My study books but also, the ones who take my mind away from work, all the books and authors who make me dream.

Current Passions?

Reading, playing, practicing, moving, swimming, sharing, loving, supporting, listening, walking, studying, loving, cooking, watching, kissing, hugging, smiling, laughing, being cheeky, a glass of wine !!… Just living!