Anne Elise Hagen: Actor, writer, Yogi, & founder/author of the Yoga Face

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Actor, writer, Yogi, and founder and author of the Yoga Face, natural facial rejuvenation through Yoga. Wrote the Yoga Face, published by Avery Press, and Yoga Face DVD, available on

What do you do best?

Inspire and educate,  entertain.

What makes you the best?

Independent thinker and very creative, a spiritual foundation.

What are your aspirations?

To keep helping people to feel connected to their inner strength and beauty. To help the planet. And to win an Oscar.

Biggest Success?

My life has been full of accomplishing many milestones, but having and raising my daughter is what I'm most proud of.

Most Challenging Moment?

I have many moments of facing Fear. The challenge is always the same and the solution is the same as well. I connect to the faith instead of the fear.

Favorite Motto?

One day at a time.

Favorite People?

MLK, Gandhi, Amma (the hugging Saint), Oprah

Favorite Places?

Paris, New York, California, Havana

Favorite Products?

Coconut Oil - raw and organic. Chia seeds in everything! Califia Almond Milk.

Current Passions?

Yoga (always), performing, writing, music, water sports, my family, my dog Sasha ( papillon chihuahua mix)