Donna Amrita Davidge: Yoga Teacher & Owner of Sewall House

My NativeAdVantage:


Donna Amrita Davidge has been teaching yoga and meditation all over NYC since 1985 and in her retreat home which she created in 1997 to keep the legacy of her great grandfather William Sewall alive. He was nature guide to Theodore Roosevelt at a time the Harvard student still, as he said it "had the bark on”. Their friendship was forged on the knowledge William Sewall had gained from the Native Americans since age 3, being the first nonNative American child born in Island Falls.

Donna loves nature deeply and finds her ancestral home to be her heartfelt place to combine yoga with the healing of nature.

What do you do best?

Explore life- I hold a Masters in nutrition, doing research on cholesterol in the 70’s ,  ran off to Europe to be a bohemian model in the mid 80’s, then continued to explore life and cultures with a backpack to places like Guatemala, Peru and Alaska, to name a few, after returning to the States.

What makes you the best?

Challenges make me the best. Without challenges we cannot grow, whether they be personal or professional Each time you get through an obstacle you learn so much.

What are your aspirations?

I would love to publish my memoir, I have written lots of articles on life and yoga that have been in various publications and was a yoga columnist in New England for Inner Tapestry for thirteen years.  There are lots of yoga memoirs out there but we all have our unique story and I have this drive to tell mine in hopes of inspiring others. I have been working on it for years.

Biggest Success?

Sewall House for sure. I bought the house on a wing and a prayer in a remote and beautiful part of Maine not knowing if I could pull it off. My experiences there have been my prayer.

Most Challenging Moment?

That is so private that I cannot say much but let’s just say no one gets married to get divorced and the high road is always the best road, with compassion even if reasons to be loving may not be evident.

Favorite Motto?

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all- Helen Keller

Favorite People?

Authentic people, caring people many of them. Audrey Hepburn for one.

Favorite Places?

I loved Paris when I lived there but my favorite place is still northern Maine, It is in  my cells- the utter beauty of Mt Katahdin, the simplicity of an unpopulated area, the lakes, woods, the wildlife.

Favorite Products?

This may be weird but I like the Arm and Hammer toothpaste- anything not tested on animals and this new natural deodorant I discovered on Shark Tank-piperwai- great stuff! It works!

Current Passions?

I am actually passionately opposed to industrial wind turbines for the harm they do to nature and the lies behind them. I have a super hard time with deception. I am passionate about anything that lives and that is why I serve on the board of an animal rescue in New York City All Sentient Beings and why I formed the organization Protect Our Lakes, even though we lost what we stood for in our three year long legal wind turbine battle. I am still actively involved in this opposition and do not get me talking about it if you think they are good!