Eleonora Zampatti: Body movement specialist, author & fitness model

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Eleonora is a native of Milan, Italy. Body movement specialist, author and fitness model, her wide range of teaching abilities include Pilates, yogalates, staby * personal one-on-one fitness training, and yoga. Her career began with varsity synchronized swimming, which later led her to becoming a fitness trainer, a Pilates instructor and then a yoga teacher. At the age of 27 she left her career as an assistant professor at the New Academy of arts in Milan and moved in NYC.  There she pursued her dreams and enrolled in a 5 years full time dance program at Peridance International School of Dance where she studied ballet, modern dance and flexibility.

Now a full time international yoga teacher based in New Jersey, Eleonora has been featured in many publications like Yoga International, Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine, Draze, Yoga Digest, and Mantra Yoga and Health. A survivor of domestic violence, using her passion for yoga and music she created the Ode to the Moon Project: a unique yoga practice that combines art, yoga and music to heal the soul and bring awareness to the topic of domestic violence.

What do you do best?

I am a hard worker and a believer.

I believe that through dedication and determination I can achieve anything I want to achieve in life.

I am aware of my weaknesses and I embrace my vulnerabilities and because of that I became unstoppable and more then everything I developed the ability to truly connect with people.

What makes you the best?

Perseverance and faith.

I am a dreamer, a passionate soul who feels everything 100% and never backs off from emotions, if I believe in something I pursue it with perseverance, patience and dedication.

What are your aspirations?

To love my self enough to be be able to inspire others to do the same.

Using my passion for yoga, music and art to help those who have lost themselves in toxic and abusive relationships and to bring Ode to the Moon all over the world so that I can help people start a conversation about domestic violence.

Biggest Success?

My O-1 visa. (artistic visa for extraordinary abilities) I came in USA with just “my american dream”, I did not really know who I was but I had a spark burning inside of myself and I could not live my life behind a desk, in my picture perfect life back in Italy. When I moved to NYC reality hit me in the face pretty hard. Far from home, from my family and with very little money I ended up in a toxic and abusive relationship.

I lost my self and that spark,  I was completely dependent upon “him’ and he managed to completely isolate and take away from me everything, my freedom included. I believed in him and listened to all his lies and I compromised my student visa. I could not work, travel or simply have a bank account under my name and that was his biggest victory, He had absolute power over me, he was holding me in his hands making me believe that without him I would have lost everything I had built for my self since I stepped in this country.

According to him the only option I had was to be with him, but  I left him and by doing that  find my self broke, alone and afraid. My entire identity was related to him and so was my freedom. It took me 3 years of struggles and deep suffering to get back on my feet. For 3 years every penny, every tear and all the energy I had went into the “rebuilding of my life” and I did it.

I believed in my self and I got my visa, my freedom and my dreams back. The day my visa was granted I cried so much, but those tears were the best tears I ever cried.

Most Challenging Moment?

Leaving the toxic relationship I was trapped in and with it the only life I knew to move in New Jersey by my self. I was alone, with no money and a crazy schedule with a 4 hour commute to get to work to Manhattan. I had to make the choice to either eat or buy food for my cats a few times, I slept in the subway because I did not have anywhere to stay.

I did not sleep for days in a row because I was too afraid to close my eyes and realize the darkness I was carrying inside. But as hard as it was, it was worth it because today  I am safe and loved and my life is more beautiful then I never thought it would be.

Favorite Motto?

Be imperfect, Be afraid, and be vulnerable because when you understand and accept your vulnerability you discover and embrace your infinite inner strength.

Favorite People?

My family..my father for teaching me how important it is to be a hard worker, my mother for her sense of humor and ability to always take care of us in the best way she could, my sister because she is a true dreamer with an adventurous spirit and so much talent.

My man, who loves me and supports me in everything I do and believed in me when I had lost all hopes.

Allison, a beautiful soul with the voice of an goddess who sings for me in the Ode to the Moon.

Johanna and Irene, my teachers who are helping me and inspiring me everyday and though the teaching of yoga they made me understand how strong I am.

My cats ( yes I consider them people) who taught me so much about love, my few very good friends who were always there, also when I did not deserve them to be there and my students.. every one of them, because through their struggles and successes in the practice they remind me the beauty of this journey, the importance of being humble, devoted and passionate.

Favorite Places?

My little house in Highlands New Jersey, I love where I live, the ocean, the woods and the people around me, I could not wish to be anywhere else now, but there is place that had stolen my heart and is Sardegna. (Sardinia, italy)

We have a summer home in the Emerald coast and I grew up going there every summer.

Sardinia is a magical land, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.

Close to where I lived, there is a little church called Madonna di Rudalza.

Is small, simple and surrounded by silence.

You can get there only after a long and demanding hike and it stands alone on top of a mountain facing the sea.

The view is breathtaking and it is so isolated.. I used to go there to see the sun set and to remember who I am. Connect to my self, realize how close I am to God and how beautiful life is.

Favorite Products?

Nourished by Nature Organic Juices

Fine Health Kamboocha Tea

DoTerra essential Oils

Current Passions?

My self.

I am passionate about living my life fully, taking care of my self and transforming all my emotions, struggles and dreams in a tangible forms of art.

Photography, poetry, body movement, every living expression of my soul.