Emilie Perz: Senior Yoga Medicine teacher

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Emilie’s strong vinyasa inspired teachings allow her students to develop a deeper connection to their personal health and wellbeing. Voted one of Los Angeles best yoga instructors, Emilie offers her students a rigorous and refined practice that offers an educational understanding of the physical body through anatomical focal points and precision alignment. Known as a straightforward and disciplined teacher, Emilie uses a very hands-on approach and practical application of muscular components needed to create asana as it relates to sports, exercise and therapeutics. She encourages her students to develop a deeper dialogue with themselves, helping them to strengthen their bodies, rehabilitate from injuries and achieve an overall greater awareness of themselves.

Emilie is a Senior Yoga Medicine teacher under the direction of founder and visionary Tiffany Cruikshank. She has traveled extensively overseas and throughout the U.S. assisting Tiffany while deepening her own anatomy studies. Emilie integrates this knowledge into her private and public classes focusing on specific function and dysfunction issues and how to integrate yoga to create equanimity in the body. Emilie resides in Los Angeles where she teaches publicly, privately and clinically for Yogaworks, Equinox and Urban Med Spa.

What do you do best?

I’d like to assume I’m the best at tapping people into their potential. I am fascinated by the power of humanity and have had the pleasure of traveling all over the world and experiencing life on so many different levels. I have a thick skin by nature and can come off as tough, but my ability to empathize and relate to everyone is by far my best quality. I have a sincere appreciation for people’s stories, their livelihood and I hold space for each individual that comes into my life to be their best, most authentic self.

What makes you the best?

My ability to translate and relate the yoga practice to everybody.  I use yoga as medicine to heal.  Medicine is defined as the science and art of treating disease or injury and maintaining health. A regular yoga practice literally can do just that. I teach people how to pay attention to their bodies and how to take care of their bodies from the inside out.  

What are your aspirations?

My biggest aspiration is to integrate yoga into the US healthcare system. I truly believe we can use the various components of the yoga practice as a modality for healing for everyone and I would like to raise the bar on traditional Western medical practices by integrating yoga as a way to provide treatment to patients. Research is uncovering numerous benefits of yoga on the body and i believe yoga teachers could work synergistically with doctors to provide more thorough treatment plans to patients; especially for those suffering from chronic pain, muscular imbalances, stress and anxiety and depression. There’s a difference between diagnosing people and providing them tools to take care of themselves. Let’s all work together and offer an actual plan of treatment that gives patients the tools and confidence to take charge of their health.  

Biggest Success?

Presently, being able to work in a clinical setting and really applying my knowledge of anatomy and yoga on all different bodies.

Most Challenging Moment?

This point in my career! Being a full time yoga teacher is not an easy task. It is a constant hustle to help/sustain clients, keep up a public image and grow as an entrepreneur. I work 12 hour days and go home to study, research and work further on developing my brand. I hope at some point to turn a corner and reap some rewards from all this hard work and dedication.

Favorite Motto?

Trust the process - trust in opportunities & believe in even bigger possibilities.

It’s essential to continue to cultivate your skills and recognize that the vision of your life is bigger than you can envision.

Favorite People?

My mother, who has been an incredible nurse for over 30 years and has bestowed in me the ability to be compassionate, empathetic while staying strong & true to yourself. All my yoga teachers! I believe in the power of teachers to provide space to listen and give feedback that helps to improve lives. Teachers are the real heroes in this world.

Favorite Places?

The Himalayan mountains because of the fresh crisp air, amazing sunlight and monkeys. Whistler, Canada for it’s twisting roads and glaciers. Los Angeles for it’s depth of humanity, everlasting sunshine & community of yoga.

Favorite Products?

Coconut Oil because I put it on everything, face, skin, hair and I use it for all my cooking. Turmeric, I take it everyday to fight inflammation. Triphala for toning the liver. All products by Forces of Nature. https://www.forcesofnaturemedicine.com/  And all beauty products by Josie Maran. Especially the Argan oil and sunscreen. http://www.josiemarancosmetics.com/

Current Passions?

I’m working with a homeless shelter in Los Angeles to develop yoga practices aimed at integrating women back into the workplace. Homelessness is a public health crisis in Los Angeles county.  It’s my mission to help develop and create new methods in which we can support and help these women rehabilitate their lives