Leslie Howard: Director of Piedmont Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Program

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I am currently the director of the Piedmont Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program and part of the core faculty for their 300 Hour program. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I specialize in the therapeutic use of yoga for many issues but specifically for pelvic floor problems.

After suffering from hypertonic pelvic syndrome, I found relief from my symptoms by a careful application of Iyengar-style/influenced yoga and breath work and since then I have continued to refine and develop the application of yoga for the pelvic floor for myself and others. To this end, for the past twelve years, I have taught women of all ages to practice yoga to alleviate pelvic floor conditions, including urinary incontinence and pelvic pain, through a combination of small group teaching, public workshops, and national conferences.  I am writing a book, Pelvic Revolution that i hope to have finished by the end of the year about the pelvic floor and the many influences on our bodies and therapeutic application of yoga for pelvic floor issues. 

What do you do best?

Make people laugh!

What makes you the best?

The people around me that i love and that love me

What are your aspirations?

To have made a positive difference in peoples lives

Biggest Success?

That people come to hear what i have to say

Most Challenging Moment?

Hmm, probably the end of my marriage, lots of challenging moments

Favorite Motto?

"Liberate Your Tailbone"

Favorite People?

My teacher, Ramanand Patel

Favorite Places?

my heart

Current Passions?

Studying anatomy, doing cadaver labs, studying subtle body work like Cranial Sacral Therapy