Liz Lark: Author & Yoga Teacher

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Liz Lark has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years, developing from British Wheel of Yoga (Hatha) Teacher Training  foundations, Astanga Vinyasa Yoga ( see footage of practising in mid 90’s in under Derek Ireland, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice, Agios Pavlos, Crete), Teacher Training in Goa and Mysore (1995). She has been connected with The Life Centre London since 1995. Thai Yoga Massage training in Chieng Mei has informed hands- on adjustments, which Liz teaches along with Creative Sequencing, for the London Teachers Training Course, on which she’s a board member.

Artist trained (BA, MA  Ceramics & Performing Arts) , Liz draws inspiration from Nature, the Body, Poetry, Music and contemporary Bodywork. She now fuses Yoga as Art in a series of Mandala Drawings, illustrating sequencing, layered with motifs for visualisation, contemplation and mudra (gesture) and mantra (heartsong). Her teaching draws on these inspirations, with a contemporary interpretation of philosophy (see book: ‘1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom’).

What do you do best? 

I share yoga from my own understanding, without any pedestals or hierarchy,  which is inclusive , encouraging a creative approach to life! (I hope!)

What makes you the best? 

I am not the best, Yoga Teaching is very subjective and hopefully over 20 years of teaching and writing, those who enjoy my artist approach will be drawn to come to workshops and retreats, and to read my books.

What are your aspirations? 

To aspire! To lift the human spirit, daily, for myself and for others. To realise how essential philosophy and spirituality / creativity is. To weave this into life.

Biggest Success?

Teaching and meeting the incredible man, Alan Rickman. Performing my M A degree in yoga movement.

Most Challenging Moment? 

Probably teaching in Colorado and Kansas, on jet lag, to starting to  teaching large group of teacher trainees!

Favorite Motto?

The root of compassion is compassion for oneself (Pema Chodrun)   My religion is kindness (Dalai Lama)

Favorite People?

My close friends and family, an inner circle of gracious support

Favorite Places?

Nature, The sea.  La Rosa di quarto vent, Puglia (retreat centre). Denton Hot Springs, Colorado. The stream where the hens are, and a heron visits.

Favorite Products?

From Botanica Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall, where they recommend health supports inc. liquid magnesium, acidophilus, holy basil (tulsi ) tea, and many more.....including conscious chocolate!

Current Passions?

Weaving art int yoga : (new book: Creative Yoga Practice )I would love to learn argentinian tango. Creative movement, singing, dancing.

Bringing mindfulness practices into the yoga practice.