Ruslan Kleytman: Founder of Akhila Yoga University

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Ruslan Kleytman ERYT 500 is a founder of Akhila Yoga University. He is a senior Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher, a devoted yogi, gifted body worker, martial artist and an avid acroyogi. Ruslan’s teaching method is a systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the key principles of classical yoga. This method embraces a holistic approach to yoga, working on development of all levels of being; physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

He recognizes yoga practice as a method of liberation and Self-realization and empowers his students with a harmonious, balanced practice aimed at creating the most fertile environment for meditation.  He is a creator of internationally recognized  Vinyasa Krama Yoga Teacher training program and responsible for hundreds of certified students around the globe. Ruslan has taught at yoga conferences & festivals, and has been featured in dozens of publications including Yoga Journal and Mantra Magazine.

What do you do best?

I am not a master of anything- but whatever I do I try to do my personal best- mindfully and intentionally. Wether it's playing my flute, making pottery, teaching a yoga workshop or fixing things around the house.

What makes you the best?

I think being the best implies that I am better than someone else - and I always like to work in the spirit of cooperation & support rather than competition. There are so many incredible teachers that I  consider to be "The best" - each their own personal unique best. We are all the best. Har Har Mahadev - the Sanskrit mantra that translates as:

"we are all God" That being said, my dedication to being a lifelong student of yoga allows me to share in depth knowledge with students that is deeply meaningful, profound and often times life changing for them. It is my greatest honor to serve and fulfill my Dhrama as a teacher, and I excel at it.

What are your aspirations?

A healing arts center that incorporates some of my favorite healing modalities - yoga, Ayurveda, Thai massage, energetic healing, and much more. I envision this space as a sanctuary steeped in warmth and community connection. Finishing my book The Akhila Yoga system is an ongoing project that I am very passionate about.

Biggest Success?

Yet to come...

Most Challenging Moment?

The transition from dark melancholy, addiction ridden, party going heart broken boy nearly hitting rock bottom into a student of yoga. The defining moment of reaching towards the light and realizing that one of the greatest gifts of my life is discovering yoga, and that studying and teaching yoga is not only my biggest inspiration & joy- but also my destiny.

Favorite Motto?

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family"

Favorite People?

My mama, my baby mama, my little pitta warrior son Arjuna, my sister, all the incredible teachers I've had the deep honor of knowing, my friends that have witnessed me through all the transformations without affecting our life-long bond.

Favorite Places?

Magic Rishikesh. New York City - always home. Tokyo- city of contrasts. Rome -the capital of indulgence and freedom.

Favorite Products?

Anu Thailam Ayurvedic oil, Vintage Wade & Butcher straight razor, All Saints jeans, Himalaya toothpaste.

Current Passions?

My Bansuri flute, perfecting Agnihotra - fire ceremony, collecting vintage hats from all over the world.