Alex Auder: Director of Magu Yoga

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Alex Auder is a native New Yorker who grew up in the Chelsea Hotel with her mother, Viva (a Warhol “Superstar”), and her sister, the actress, Gaby Hoffmann.  Alex has been teaching for almost 20 years and was recently included on a list of America’s 100 most influential yoga teachers ( Her work has been greatly influenced by Jivamukti Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, the work of Nevine Michaan, and Kula Yoga (where she has taught for the last 10 years), to name a few. 

Alex is known for her keen eye, her genuinely authentic and original voice, and her ability to gracefully integrate clear and precise alignment cues, intelligent sequencing, vedantic philosophy, and generous amounts of masterful hands-on assists into every class she teaches.  Her latest project is Magu Yoga, her new studio in Philadelphia where she recently moved with her husband and two kids.

What do you do best?

Articulate esoteric concepts, cuddle, make fires (in the fireplace), use obscenities, and make people laugh (usually by using obscenities).

What makes you the best?

Well, maybe I’m old fashioned, but it seems pretty fucked up to publicly declare myself “The Best”.

Although if you insist…

I’m a pretty good yoga teacher and one reason is that I inherited a lot of spontaneity and improvisational chops. I’m also pretty good at empathizing with the bodies of others.  I can feel what I’m teaching and teach what I have previously experienced (I don’t ever practice while I teach so I tap into what I have digested from past practices). And people say I give wise hands-on assists.

What are your aspirations?

Creating and maintaining familial peace. That is: a peaceful, happy, and goofy home life with my husband and two kids.

Biggest Success?

20 year marriage, 2 sweet kids, and being known as a funny person.

Most challenging moment?

Childbirth: my own —I had 2 home births and my sister’s home birth that I assisted.  In some ways being her doula was more challenging than having my own babies.  More fear came up than I had expected.  

Favorite Motto?

“If you can’t say something good about someone, sit right here by me.” (Alice Roosevelt)

Favorite People?

Funny Ones and Bernie Sanders

Favorite Places?

Countries with socialized healthcare and childcare.

Favorite Products?

I never use any products. I’m the worst at…what do they call it….”Self Care”?

Current Passions?

Karl Ove Knausgaard, the Scapulohumeral Rhythm, and Broad City.