Desiree Rumbaugh: Founder of Wisdom Warriors™

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Desiree’s yoga and meditation practice has supported her through three decades of life, love and loss. She has been certified in Iyengar and Anusara Yoga and is passionate about sharing what she has learned from many different teachers and bodyworkers over the years. Her DVD series “Yoga to the Rescue” was created to spread the message that Yoga is physically and emotionally healing when practiced with awareness and attention to alignment of the body. 

She is the founder of Wisdom Warriors™, a training for students over age 50 in navigating the second half of life with graceful inner and outer strength. Desiree currently works with Functional Manual Physical Therapists and the teachings of Vipassana meditation to inform her ever-evolving teaching style. Desiree and her husband Andrew Rivin, travel and teach all over the world making new friends, visiting old friends and continually learning. and

What do you do best?

Learn from my past mistakes. As much as I would love to be perfect, it seems that this is the best way to grow in wisdom and compassion.

What makes you the best?

Being completely present. My work teaching yoga workshops every weekend, though demanding, requires me to show up fully and for that I am grateful for the constant learning. It keeps my practice flowing into every day life.

What are your aspirations?

To continue to nurture close relationships with family and friends and to be a hip and cool grandmother beginning this July 2016!

Biggest Success?

Finding my own wholeness and then learning how to be in a healthy romantic relationship (now a marriage) in my late forties

Most Challenging Moment?

The moment I found out that my son had been murdered in October 2003. I continue to be challenged by the memory of that event even though I have grieved and processed it as fully as possible. It remains the most transformational spiritual journey of my life.

Favorite Motto?

Love is Stronger Than Fear

Favorite People?

Kind people with big hearts

Favorite Places?

The developing world is rich and colorful and I have enjoyed my visits to Bali, Peru, Thailand and India. I am happy wherever I am when I am with people I enjoy and luckily, that is what happens every weekend in my work. I also enjoy being home near the ocean in Encinitas, CA.

Favorite Products?

KiraGrace clothing, Deva curl hair products, Youngblood makeup and Ahnu shoes. I also love coconut oil, and I use it for everything from moisturizer to oil pulling to cooking.

Current Passions?

Dancing, running, weight lifting, gardening, cooking and learning how to be a conscious grandparent