Francois Huynh: CEO of AD Avenue Group

My NativeAdVantage:


I am French, born in Strasbourg East of France. I traveled a lot. My background began on the visual communication and communication design, I learned marketing in UK and digital communication in Switzerland, and then I finished after years abroad by a business school specialized in digital advertising and working for the Giant Yahoo! as a project manager. I learned so much there with great people and how to be a leader and work as a leader. I became a teacher at the very same school before graduating. I do now teach in business school in Paris and Management School in Strasbourg.

What do you do best?

 I would say communication skills and vision. I am close to myself, I listen to myself, my needs and I can connect with a person real quick and understand emotionally how they are, their fear and how they feel.

What makes you the best?

People makes me the best

Biggest success?

I don’t know the answer to that question, I am building every day so myself in the future can be proud. I am still alive, so I guess I am a surviror, like we all are.

What are your aspirations?

Personal – I would like to keep on feeling free to choose my own path, my own job, my own life. Be key to people and let a great memory of me inside their mind/heart. People are busy, and I am busy too so I’d like to keep relationship really nice. And to be forgiven when I hurt someone. Of course I’d like to thank in any way people (God, family, friends, mentor) who helped me go through difficult time by supporting me.

Business – I’ve been told that I am inspiring and a great leader. I want to prove it and challenge myself.

My professional goal is touring from different places and do inspirational conferences and business related shows. And of course promote my “future book”. Teaching in an american States University is also one of my goals. Since I will be moving in California next year. I will definitely check on vacancies.

Most challenging moment?

Everyday as an entrepreneur is challenging.

Especially when you try to build a lot In the same time. I think the moment you choose to start, all your life changes. If it is not only financially, it is so much more, relationships, competitions, your vision, associates and partners. The beginning is Very difficult, you know it will take years and painful moments, but when you see that your strategy fits with results, you are quite confident at the end. It took me nearly 5 years to build something that people can call “great”. I quit so many times to focus on other Objectives that even “great” is not enough for me. I think that most challenging moments are when you feel betrayed by mentor, friends, people who once believe in you and group of people who don’t accept your presence on the same room without a proper reason. Feeling people staring at you like you’re not welcomed. Opening a business in France is tough, tougher than anyplace I know, and I visited more than 10 countries, you need to be prepared to be challenged anytime.

Favorite Motto:

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do. Kobe Bryant

Favorite People:

Sun Tzu, Seth Godin

I realized that Seth Godin’s book “THE DIP” just confirmed to me that I am not a Quitter. By reading it, I found out that I just quit while I was facing a moment of business that isn’t the right moment for it. That why I manage so many Companies and products.

Favorite Places:

San Jose California, Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, Dubai

Favorite Products:

I don’t have…I always change

Current Passions:

Teaching, Creating new businesses, sharing moments with family, friends, new friends, strangers, go for a Run with someone