Nikki Ortiz: Yoga Instructor

My NativeAdVantage:


Born and raised in Ecuador, I started practicing yoga about four years ago when I moved to New York. I have always loved to move but had never really given yoga a chance thinking it would be really boring. I took my first class shortly after moving to the city and was immediately hooked. Yoga made me feel free, so I started chasing that feeling and taking as many classes as I could. I couldn't exactly understand why I loved it so much but I knew I had found my art.

Not too long after I started practicing I was encouraged to take a 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training, where I learned a lot about the basics of yoga and started being able to share this practice with others. I also started exploring different styles of yoga and as I got into hot yoga my teachers suggested I participated in the USA Yoga Asana Championship. After the first competition it blew my mind to see the change and progress you can make when you work really hard, quit making excuses, and stop putting limits on yourself. I competed again last year and (to my amazement!) placed first.

I currently work full time as an interior designer, teach Vinyasa style classes in New York, and once in a while perform as a contortionist. I love being able to share what I've learned about the human body and hopefully get others to experience the same freedom I've been able to experience through this practice.

What do you do best?


What makes you the best?

I never consider myself "the best," I'm constantly growing and learning, but I think what makes me good at different forms of movement is that it's easy for me to get out of my head and move without thinking.

What are your aspirations?

Travel. I want to go everywhere and would love to share my yoga wherever I go.

Biggest Success?

I guess winning the 2015 National Yoga Asana competition was a big success :)

Most Challenging Moment?

Every time I've moved to a new city and have had to start a new life there. Though I absolutely love it, it is for sure challenging to have to start from scratch.

Favorite Motto?

Keep it moving

Favorite People?

Too many to count. I'm in love with so many people! My mom, my family, my amazing friends, interesting and weird looking strangers...

Favorite Places?

The jungle in Ecuador. NYC. Florence, and pretty much any beach in the world.

Favorite Products?

Butter Elixir. Hands down.

Current Passions?

LIFE! I have seriously been so madly in love with life lately. It keeps getting better and better and I even love all the ups and downs of it